Cadrage – the better director’s viewfinder app

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Cadrage - the better director's viewfinder app

Cadrage is a new viewfinder app for iPhone/iPad and Android phones that enables you to preview shots more conveniently and very accurately with all the indie cameras we like. Read on to win a copy at cinema5D

Cadrage comes from the startup company distantblue and was released on iTunes today. Cinema5D had a chance to test it in advance and when we really like something we tend to write about it.

cadrage_02You might have been using a director’s viewfinder app to plan your shots before. I’ve had several on my phone since they came out, because they are very useful when it comes to location scouting, choosing lenses and previewing a scene quickly.

Basically they use your iphone camera and digital zoom to accurately preview a certain lens/sensor combination and help you find the right focal length to get your shot.

The nice thing about the Cadrage app is that all the cameras we know and love are included and the design / ergonomics finally fulfill a certain standard. Additionally there’s a function to effectively calibrate your phones camera to deliver perfect results. Neat.

Among the more famous viewfinder apps so far is the worthy Mark II Artist’s finder that goes for $19.99 for a limited time, the famous Artemis Viewfinder that was the first of its kind and still goes for $29.99 and the D•View Digital Finder that would also cost you $29.99.

Cadrage is at $10.99 currently the most affordable of the pro finders. Get it here

If you would like a free copy of Cadrage we have 10 iOs promo codes to give away and we will pick the winners among the newsletter subscribers who sign up within the next 48 hours: Subscription on the right hand side column on our front page.
The winners of this promotion are:
Cineguz, laurensneels, Michael.j.mehlhorn, robertdivall, jfrajotte11, randolphrudie, wiseguy, adrian, martin.gardemalm, hedron00

If you’re on Android you can get the app here.

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