Canon C100 & FilmConvert for C-LOG

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Filmconvert 1.31 (released today) adds support for the Canon C300 and with it opens the doors to all cameras using the C-LOG gamma. This means you can now also match the C100, C500 and 1DC to accurately reproduce the look of certain famous film stocks.

We talked about the color grading software Filmconvert when it first supported the Canon 5D mark II. Since then the people from Rubber Monkey have been hard at work to put more cameras and color profiles into the mix.

The results I got from Filmconvert were very convincing to me. The color grading options are simple, but accurate and powerful. The changes compared to a quick self-grade are very subtle, but to me these differences are the things that convert video to film.

In the video above I graded a short clip that I shot on a Canon C100 during a recent project. You can see the subtle difference between ungraded / graded / and filmconverted.
The C100 is a very underestimated camera. It is very ergonomic to use, fast, and has a powerful and lowlight capable sensor. Despite the AVCHD compression (you can see the compression artefacts in this very demanding source clip on vimeo: LINK) a lot can be achieved (We’ll have a more detailed look at it soon).
With filmconvert’s support this affordable camera ($6499 LINK) gets even more competitive.

Filmconvert officially only supports the C300 C-LOG. But as it shares the same sensor with the C100 the results should be quite similar. We haven’t tried the 1DC yet, but it uses the same C-LOG gamma and we will test it very soon.

cinema5D readers can benefit from the price reduction as seen below:

More info on Filmconvert in my original article: LINK

Download Filmconvert trial here:

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