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You are a filmmaker and have the drive to write about the art you love? You follow news in the filmmaking and filmmaking tech world closely? You might even have a blog writing about your own work and what’s happening in the filmmaking world, and you always suspect what’s around the corner?

If you can answer the questions above with “YES“, you might be the person we’re looking for. cinema5D is one of the leading websites for original camera and gear reviews as well as filmmaking technology news.

We create original content and expertise and our audience loves us for that. cinema5D has been growing extensively over the past few months and we are looking to expand our current team of writers and bloggers (which currently consists of the owners Sebastian Wöber, Johnnie Behiri, myself plus our writer Tim Fok).

To become a writer for cinema5D, you can be based anywhere in the world.

It does not matter.

cinema5D_hiring   What matters to become a cinema5D writer:

  • proficiency in filmmaking – you know your stuff in one or more areas of filmmaking (producing, editing, directing, cinematography, post-production …)
  • you follow industry news closely
  • you have writing skills in fluent English
  • you can write well and you are actually enjoying it
  • you consider yourself a filmmaker – it’s completely okay if you are a young person starting out, but you are hungry and creative and aiming to get more involved in the blogger scene
  • you have time to write 10+ articles per month
  • you know our site and follow it regularly
  • you come up with your own ideas for posts
  • you are happy to write news about the latest products in the filmmaking world, tutorials, filmmaking competitions, how the industry and films are changing, interesting and innovative film projects and DIY filmmaking
  • you also feel proficient enough to review products and applications and have an area of interest in the film world that you consider yourself an expert in
  • you have the time to write regularly – people with full-time jobs should not apply to this position as we will ask you to write a minimum amount of posts per month (10 or more), freelancers will be given preference

What to expect:

  • payment is based on the amount of articles written and on success and reach (not a full time employment, it’s supplemental income but has the potential to become a considerable sum!)
  • introduction to our wide network of industry connections
  • access to a wide range of gear to check out in detail for reviews
  • you’re getting your name out there to millions of eyeballs

To apply:

  • tell us who you are, what you do, what you enjoy writing about most – and why you think this is something for you
  • prospective writers will be asked to provide two demo articles about current topics or products, picked by themselves – let us know what you intend to write about when you get in touch
  • If you happen to visit IBC or Photokina in September, let us know and we’d be happy to meet in person (this is not a requirement but it’s always good to get to know people in person! Most of the current team will be there)
  • email hiring[at] to apply

If you are only interested in writing guest posts or irregular posts, please don’t get in touch! We are looking for writers who deliver consistent content at this time.

We hope you see the opportunities and chances of growth this presents if you feel like we’re looking FOR YOU.

Get in touch via hiring[at] And don’t hesitate to ask any questions too!

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