Do You Have What it Takes? Hiring New Writers & Editors-in-Chief

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Do You Have What it Takes? Hiring New Writers & Editors-in-Chief

CineD has become one of the most successful video camera gear reviews & news websites in the world over the past 13 years, and we are only getting started. It’s that time again: We need more CineD writers.

You might be like, wait? Haven’t they just looked for new people at the end of last year? Yep, totally true – but because 1) we’re growing and 2) we value working with people who are also pro filmmakers (see below!), we need a constantly expanding team of professionals.

What and who are we looking for?

We are looking for technical and non-technical writers with expertise in camera technology and film and video post production, as well as “soft” filmmaking topics of where filmmaking techniques are applied.

Filmmaking nerds …

Ideally you come from the filmmaking industry, have a technical mind and are interested in nerding out about new camera gear, fuzzing over things that matter to filmmakers and content creators alike, and have a talent and lust for writing. News, reviews, tutorials, how-to’s, you name it – is a leading force in the filmmaking tech world and we are forever and always in need of knowledgable team members who also enjoy to write about their passion.

… and smartphone filmmakers / content creators

In addition to that, we are also looking for a writer who is particularly interested in “smartphone filmmaking” as we are planning to greatly extend our coverage in that area. Both news about new smartphone cameras and apps as well as reviews of these cameras are important for us.

Yep, CineD is hiring.

What matters to become a CineD writer:

  • proficiency in filmmaking – you know your stuff in one or more areas of filmmaking (producing, editing, directing, cinematography, post-production …)
  • you follow industry news closely
  • you have fluent writing skills in English (native speakers preferred)
  • you can write well and you are actually enjoying it
  • you consider yourself a filmmaker – maybe you are a creative young person starting out, or a professional in the industry who has worked for many years already, aiming to get more involved in the blogger / journalistic scene – becoming a writer for CineD sounds like the right thing to do for you
  • you have time to write between 2 and 30 articles per month (Lengths can vary.)
  • you know our site and our competitors and follow them regularly
  • you actively come up with your own ideas
  • you have the time to write regularly – people with full-time jobs should check if they can find the time to write regularly

What matters to become a part-time editor-in-chief:

  • all of the above, and in addition:
  • even more experience in the industry
  • regular availability during afternoons (central European timezone) for 2-4 days per week for 5 hours at a time (ideally between 1pm and 6pm central European time)
  • ability and willingness to manage other writing team members and check their writing, give feedback and make corrections before publication

What to expect:

  • payment:
    • for writer applicants: payment is based on the amount of articles written and on success and reach (not a full time employment, it’s supplemental income but has the potential to become a considerable sum that you can profit from long-term)
    • for editor-in-chief applicants (part-time): payment is per hour, with additional incentives such as reach of articles and success
  • you’re still getting paid on the reach of your “old” articles if you continue to write regularly for the site, it’s all very transparent – loyalty is welcome and awarded
  • introduction to our wide network of fellow filmmakers and bloggers
  • a relaxed and exciting global team of professionals who work together in a decentralized manner from around the globe
  • you’re getting your name out there to thousands of eyeballs, and we can link to your personal site from your name in the news and review posts
  • possibility of taking you to major trade shows like NAB in Las Vegas, IBC in Amsterdam, … if we are really happy with your work and if you work well under time pressure (we always take some selected team members to shows around the world).

To apply:

  • tell us who you are, what you do, what you enjoy writing about most – and why you think this is something for you
  • write one representative news post about a current subject of your own choosing that you would consider a “perfect fit” for our site (and which we haven’t written about yet). It can be either a classic news post of something current (example here), a review (like here) or a longer educational post (like here). Choosing the right subject and headline is almost as important as the proper content to go with it :-)
  • if you are ONLY interested in writing reviews, this job is not for you – we are mainly looking for people to write about industry news, and the odd written review every now and then might be an addition for those only starting out in the team.
  • email hiring[at] to apply

We hope you see the opportunities and chances of growth this presents if you feel like we’re looking FOR YOU.

Patience, please

If you apply now, please DO NOT expect a reply to your application before October as we tend to get a lot of applications for these positions and have to dedicate enough time to each one of them. But we will get back to each and every one of the applications. Thanks for understanding and your patience.

Get in touch via hiring[at] And don’t hesitate to ask any questions too!


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