Canon PowerShot V10 Pocket Size 4K Vlogging Camera Announced – Everything You Need to Know

With the PowerShot V10, Canon just introduced their first dedicated Vlogging camera. This camera is a great step up in quality from mobile phone cameras. With a 1-inch CMOS sensor, you get 4K recording with an optical ND filter and digital image stabilization. The flip-up selfie 2.0 inch LCD screen, dual microphones with noise cancellation, and a compact, pocketable form factor really round off this entry-level camera. Needless to say, the new camera can be used for taking still pictures too.

Clips from the Canon PowerShot V10 in the above video were captured using early beta firmware and might not reflect the final image quality.

The Canon PowerShot V10 is a small camera that you want to grab and use as soon as you see it. The camera measures 63.4 x 90.0 mm (2.5 x 3.54 in) and is 34.3 mm (1.35 in) thick. It weighs 211g/7.44oz.

Canon PowerShot V10
This camera is very inviting and easy to use. Image credit: CineD

Sensor & lens

The camera features a 1-inch COMOS sensor that records up to 4K/30p and HD up to 60p in 8-Bit H.264 (max. 120 Mb/s bitrate). Digital stabilization helps to get your footage stable. The lens is a fixed 6.6mm f/2.8 lens which is equivalent to 18mm in photo mode and 19mm in video mode in 35mm format.

Recording options in 4K and HD
Recording options in 4K and HD. Image credit: CineD

Autofocus is contrast-based with face detection and subject-tracking to keep faces and objects in focus. There is no dual-pixel autofocus on this camera like there is on higher-end larger-sensor Canon cameras.

Camera body and menus

kickstand and flip-monitor
An integrated kickstand and flip-up monitor. Image credit: CineD

The touch-screen monitor can be flipped up for selfie shooting and there is also a kickstand that helps you in positioning your camera at the correct angle. There is also a ¼” thread on the bottom of the camera for mounting it to a tripod.

familiar user interface for touch operation
The interface is simple and good for touch operation. Image credit: CineD

When you first get the camera, it will be in full-auto, so it will behave just like your smartphone camera. It has touch-to-focus and face-detection and you can operate most functions using the touchscreen or physical buttons.

Camera menus
The menus are very similar to the rest of the EOS cameras. Image credit: CineD

The menu system looks and works just like any other Canon EOS menu, which makes this camera a great entry device for Canon users. As soon as you step up to a higher-end EOS camera, you’ll already be familiar with the way these cameras work.

You can rotate the camera to film vertical content and the metadata records the camera orientation, so videos show up on your device with the correct orientation.

Microphones and audio recording

Built in microphones
Microphones without (left) and with (right) magnetic wind jammers. Image credit: CineD

Audio is recorded using the top two internal microphones and a third microphone that is used for noise cancellation. There is also a 3.5mm mic input on the side of the camera for plugging in external microphones, but unfortunately, there is no headphone jack. You will have to monitor your audio using the on-screen audio meters.

Power and recording

Canon PowerShot V10 USB-C connector
Multi-purpose USB-C connector. Image credit: CineD

The USB-C connector on the side of the camera serves multiple purposes. You can transfer footage to other devices, you can use the camera as a webcam without the need for extra software, and you can charge the internal battery using a USB-C power bank. For powering the camera via the USB-C input, you will need a PD (Power Delivery) battery.

The built-in battery will hold for 55 minutes when filming in 4K, 80 minutes when filming in HD, or approximately 290 photos.

microSD card slot
MicroSD card slot and 1/4″ tripod mount. Image credit: CineD

Images and videos are stored on a removable microSD card (minimum UHS-I V30). You can also transfer your videos and images to your mobile device using WiFi and Bluetooth.

Availability and price

SmallRig accessory Kit for Canon PowerShot V10
SmallRig Accessory Kit with cage. Image credit: CineD

In Europe and China, you can buy the PowerShot V10 as part of two kits.

Kit 1:

  • Canon PowerShot V10
  • Rubber lens cap
  • Two magnetic wind jammers
  • Carrying pouch

This kit will retail for €449. 

Kit 2:

  • Canon PowerShot V10
  • SmallRig camera cage
  • Rubber lens cap
  • Two magnetic wind jammers
  • Two cold shoe extensions
  • Carrying pouch

This kit will retail for €479.

with cage and windjammers
Canon PowerShot V10 with cage and windjammers

These kits may become available in other regions as well. The camera will be available for purchase starting from June 15, 2023.

For more information, head to the Canon Europe site here.

Do you vlog and if yes, which camera are you using? Will this new camera convince you to replace your smartphone for vlogging? Can you see other filming usage scenarios for this little camera? Please share your comments below.


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