CineD Focus Check Podcast Ep 01 – New Weekly Format

Some good things take a while! We are very proud to present to you the first episode of our weekly podcast, CineD Focus Check. Read on to learn more.

CineD Focus Check will bring you not only the latest cinema tech news but also our insights and opinions every week. In our first episode, CineD co-CEOs Johnnie and Nino talk about the history of CineD and how the idea of a podcast came to life. They will also discuss the latest trade shows they have been to and of course, update you on all the new gear. Stay tuned until the end when Nino and Johnnie dive into the topic that is on everyone’s mind: AI-generated videos.

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Show Notes – CineD Focus Check Podcast, episode 01:

This week Johnnie and Nino talked about the following topics:

(00:00:00) Introduction 

(00:02:56) CineD’s History

(00:06:00) BSC and CP+ Expos

(00:08:52) Laowa Nanomorph Zoom Lenses – Full Article:

(00:12:12) Lightcraft Jetset Cinema app – Full Article:

(00:16:50) Johnnie at CP+

(00:23:07) FUJIFILM Interview – Full Article:

(00:34:09) Panasonic Interview – Full Article:

(00:40:40) Weekly Poll: Editing Software – Full Article:

(00:51:57) New MZed Course “Lighting People on Location” – Full Article:

(00:58:15) AI-generated video content – newest trends and tools – Full Article:

We hope you enjoyed our first episode!

CineD Focus Check Episode 01 – Johnnie Behiri and Nino Leitner in the podcast studio at CineD HQ. Image credit: CineD.

Fresh episodes of CineD Focus Check will be released every Thursday.

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