FUJIFILM Interview – X100VI, Cinema Camera, Global Shutter and More

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CineD is at CP+ in Yokohama Japan and we had the opportunity to interview Yugi Igarashi-san (Divisional Manager) and Jun Watanabe-san (Product Planning Manager) from FUJIFILM and ask them about topics like the new X100VI and the possibility of a cinema camera. Here is the interview!

The X Summit Tokyo 2024 brought FUJIFILM users good news with the new firmware update coming this Spring, adding new functions and improving their 5th-generation cameras. However, the core of the Summit was the release of the X100VI, a long-awaited camera for users of the previous model.

The new FUJIFILM X100VI in its two versions
The new FUJIFILM X100VI in its two versions. Image by: CineD


The new FUJIFILM X100VI has raised the expectations of photographers who used the previous model and eagerly expected an update. As Igarashi-san explained to us, the X100VI is aimed at a broad audience ranging from photography enthusiasts unwilling to compromise on image quality, plus film camera users who love the ergonomics of analog cameras, to a younger audience and individuals who love gadgets. The X100VI is considered quite a ‘fashionable’ camera. 

The popularity and high demand for the original X100V, coupled with its limited supply, have elevated it to a coveted item. This is evident in the second-hand market, where at times the camera sells for a price exceeding its original cost. In response, FUJIFILM has doubled their production capacity to meet the market demand for the new X100VI. Indeed, they have moved their production for this model to China, where they can double the production capacity while maintaining the same quality. 

The FUJIFILM X100VI limited edition
The FUJIFILM X100VI limited edition. Image by: CineD

As Johnnie points out in the interview, this is the first time FUJIFILM combines internal ND filters and IBIS in the same camera. Watanabe-san says the advantage that made this possible is that the X100VI is a fixed lens system camera, so the ND filter can be minimized to retain the small size but with both functionalities. However, it would be more challenging to implement it in an interchangeable lens system with a mechanical shutter because of the camera’s size and lack of space.

A look into the future

The Reala Ace film simulation, present in the X100VI and the GFX100 II, will be available in all 5th-generation cameras in Summer 2024, as mentioned in this article

Igarashi-san and Watanabe-san with the new X100VI
Igarashi-san and Watanabe-san with the new X100VI – Image by: CineD

Regarding the possibility of a FUJIFILM cinema camera, the company has no current plans. Still, if we look at all the advancements and updates FUJIFILM is making in the video arena with their new cameras, this could change. As we know from our recent poll, FUJIFILM users would love to see a camera like this one day. 

Finally, FUJIFILM told us they always look at and study new technologies, for instance, a global shutter. The company has planned another summit this year in Sydney, Australia, to announce new products. We will stay tuned!

What do you think about FUJIFILM’s take on Johnnie’s questions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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