DJI Avata 2, Ronin RS4, Focus Pro | Tilta Khronos | Aputure INFINIMAT & Much More Ahead of NAB – CineD Focus Check Ep07

Lots of exciting news just before we head off to NAB 2024! In CineD Focus Check this week, Nino and Johnnie are joined by long-time writers and contributors Jakub and Jeff to talk about all the most exciting gear that is coming out. DJI just announced some great products like the DJI Avata 2, the 4th generation of its Ronin stabilizers, and the DJI Focus Pro.

There is a new professional mounting system for the iPhone 15 Pro by Tilta, also Aputure, and Litepanels have some lighting news and PROTON promises a very small camera. Panasonic has released a new firmware update and lots more!

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Show chapters:

(00:00:00) Introduction 

(00:01:25) DJI Avata 2 announced – Jakub’s full video review:

(00:18:07) DJI RS 4 and RS 4 PRO Gimbals Announced – Same Payload Capacity, Vertical Shooting Capabilities, and More –

DJI RS 4 and RS 4 PRO gimbals
Image credit: DJI

(00:27:35) DJI Focus Pro Introduced – LiDAR FIZ System with New Motors and Hand Control Unit –

(00:41:45) Tilta Khronos Ecosystem of Accessories for iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max Released –

Image credit: Tilta

(00:47:32) Aputure INFINIMAT Announced – New Pixel-Mappable RGB Light Mats With Inflatable Diffusion –

(00:49:52) Litepanels Astra IP Bi-Color LED Panels Announced – Now with Weatherproof Construction –

(00:53:19) Panasonic LUMIX S5II/S5IIX Firmware Update Announced with Camera to Cloud Integration –

(00:56:42) New Version 4 Introduced – With Multi-Panel Customization, Metadata Frameworks, and More –

Image credit:

(01:02:55) PROTON Claims to Release “World’s Smallest Broadcast Quality Camera” at NAB 2024 –

(01:04:31) Atlas Orion Anamorphic Lenses – 18mm, 135mm, and 200mm Focal Lengths Now Available –

(01:05:55) ARRI L-Series Plus LED Fresnels Announced – 90% Brighter, Direct Network Connectivity –

(01:07:34) ARRI ALEXA 35 Live –

We hope you enjoyed this episode of CineD Focus Check!

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