CineD Focus Check Podcast Ep03 | RED/Nikon – Deep Dive | Industry in Turmoil? | Libec Factory Tour

March 14th, 2024 Jump to Comment Section

Our third episode of weekly tech news is here!

This week Nino and Johnnie take a closer look at Nikon’s acquisition of RED and take a deep dive into RED’s history. They also analyze this week’s poll, in which readers were asked what their wishes are once Nikon takes over. After some major happenings this week, they also discuss the state of the industry as a whole.

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Johnnie and Nino in the CineD Podcast Studio – Image credit: CineD

Johnnie and Nino also have more information on how you can join the CineD team at NAB in Las Vegas, and they introduce a new factory tour that Johnnie shot at Libec – a family-run manufacturer in Japan specializing in tripods. A discovery has been made – there are currently no cameras with a high enough resolution on the market to film with Apple’s Vision Pro headset, and the Sony BURANO is now being shipped. Finally, Leica has introduced a new camera that Johnnie is looking forward to testing.

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Show chapters:

(00:00:00) Introduction 

(00:00:38) Nikon buying RED – what our readers hope the future will bring, and a deep dive into RED’s history –

(00:21:38) Industry in turmoil? Vegas Pro producers file for insolvency –

(00:37:55) Join the CineD team at NAB in Las Vegas –

(00:41:47) New factory tour at Libec in Japan –

(00:48:52) Our Oscars highlights –

(00:49:30) No camera has high enough resolution for Apple Vision Pro –

(00:50:43) Sony Burano shipping to customers in Europe –

(00:51:29) New Leica SL3 released –

We hope you enjoyed this episode!

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