LENSGO Smoke S Mini Review – Palm-Sized and Affordable Fog Machine

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LENSGO launched their Indiegogo campaign for the Smoke S Mini, a portable smoke machine with interesting accessories to give videos and photos an extra touch. Easy to set up and use, the Smoke S Mini is an exciting tool to add to your gear if you work as a solo filmmaker or in small productions. Let’s take a closer look at it!

LENSGO is a Chinese company specializing in audio accessories, teleprompters, and smoke machines. Their Smoke B and Smoke S fog machines were released a few months ago and now they are planning on releasing the younger sibling, the Smoke S Mini. It is a smaller and even more portable option, made for those who are looking for a hassle-free, easy-to-use, and extremely small smoke machine. It shares almost the same functionalities as the bigger models but with less wattage and capacity, making it perfect for small shoots.

The LENSGO Smoke S Mini pouch includes the main unit, all the accessories, and the liquid refill.
The pouch includes the main unit, all the accessories, and the liquid refill. Image credit: Jose Prada/CineD

Both simple and varied

Filmmakers have used smoke, haze, and fog since the advent of making films, and not only for effects in horror films, music videos, or advertising. In many of the movies you watch, they are also used to add haze to create volume and shape in the scenes and reduce contrast while enhancing the lighting.

The LENSGO Smoke Mini S comes in a pouch with the central unit and accessories to shape the smoke in different ways. It also has a liquid refill bottle, a remote control, and a USB cable. The pouch size is small enough to put in your backpack if you are traveling with a single bag only. In today’s era of solo photographers, filmmakers, and content creators, this unit is a perfect fit for their needs.

The Smoke S Mini has 15W and a battery of 1000 mAh that, according to my tests, lasts for about 15 minutes when used continuously. When the battery is out, a red light will appear and the unit will turn off. In real filming situations, you will most probably be using it in short bursts, so potentially, the battery will hold for more than a shooting day. I could fill an average room with a decent amount of smoke within one or two minutes of fog release. However, keep in mind that the Smoke S Mini is not suitable for large venues, considering its limited capacity in comparison to the time and effort required to fill a sizable room with smoke.

LENSGO Smoke S Mini
The Smoke S Mini is simple to use and its size makes it perfect for solo creators. Image credit: Jose Prada/CineD

The unit can be charged with a USB cable. LENSGO specifies two hours of charging time, which is more or less what it took me after fully emptying it. Refilling the tank is also quick and easy. To do so, unscrew the cover and open the little orange rubber seal. After refilling the liquid, close the seal, attach the tank to the main unit, and put the cap back for protection since the tank gets hot when releasing the smoke. I found the refilling process pretty straightforward, just like the overall functionality of the unit.

When I first saw the amount of liquid included, I was very careful not to waste it, but after one shooting day, the tank still had about 3/4 of the liquid left. I doubt you’ll run out of fluid anytime soon for your intended purpose, however, if you do, you can easily purchase more on platforms like Amazon, for example.

Real use scenario

The LENSGO Smoke S Mini worked pretty well and was easy to use in all the tests I ran. The unit only has two buttons, one for turning the machine on and off and another one for releasing the smoke (pressing twice), and stopping it (pressing once). LENSGO categorizes the included accessories in modes like ‘Portrait’, ‘Dry Ice’, and ‘Incense Burning’, so you get the idea of the different effects you can create. I used it for video and photography with different modes.

After a while, the smoke becomes atmospheric haze, perfect to give volume to our shots.
After a while, the smoke becomes atmospheric haze, perfect to give volume to our shots. Image credit: Jose Prada/CineD

The first thing that caught my attention was how valuable the accessories are in shaping the smoke and getting different effects, as they are not only gimmicks but really helpful tools to create different smoke shapes. That said, the smoke effects take place in the first seconds of release, with a defined shape and density. After 15-20 seconds, the smoke blends and spreads evenly, like ambient haze. That will give you the best of both worlds: the smoke for precise and stylized effects and the atmosphere to create volume and separation.

The liquid, as advertised, has no smell, and it did not affect my eyes or my breathing. However, like with any smoke machine, it is advisable to ventilate the area after using the product.

The only thing I didn’t like about it was that some liquid leaks, especially if you release the smoke directly from the tank without any of the accessories. After using it for some time, I noticed liquid drops inside the pipes. However, this does not affect the unit’s functioning. I just cleaned the liquid before putting the unit away after I was finished.

The dry ice effect with LENSGO Smoke S Mini
The dry ice effect will give us defined smoke shapes to play with. Image credit: Jose Prada/CineD

The remote control is another helpful add-on for when solo shooters are doing all sorts of jobs on set. With a simple press of the button, you can release the smoke and film at the same time or even be in the shot if wanted. That also keeps you from wasting liquid since you won’t have to run to the camera and waste those seconds of smoke.


I liked this Smoke S Mini for my everyday use. It is small, portable, simple to use, gives lots of shaping options, and has enough capacity for a full shooting day. I see myself using it in food and product photography and videos, portraits, small documentaries to give the locations a film touch, and stock footage where the short length of the shots fits the output of the Smoke S Mini. The fact that you don’t need electric power to make it function is a blessing for my shooting style.

Different smoke shapes with LENSGO Smoke S Mini
We can play with different smoke shapes depending on our needs. Image credit: Jose Prada/CineD

On the other hand, the features that make this unit shine are also where its limitations are. For bigger shots and locations or extended shootings, such as narrative scenes with dialogue and where one undoubtedly spends hours on a lot more takes, I would prefer a bigger unit, like the LENSGO Smoke B or even a bigger smoke generator unit. Also, the USB input is at the bottom of the unit instead of on the side, meaning that it can’t be charged standing in a vertical position. Other than that, this small Smoke S Mini offered more than I expected!


LENSGO will sell the Smoke S Mini for $99, but during the campaign, they are offering the current specials:

Perk A: 300 units for $69, 500 units for $74, Limited exclusive early bird price $79

Perk B: Two units for $139

There are many other perks available on the crowdfunding campaign page, so please head there for additional information.

The LENSGO Smoke S Mini is now being featured on Indiegogo. As always, please take into account that backing a crowdfunding campaign has its risks. We encourage you to research and remember that there is a chance for delays and changes in the final models, and some products are never delivered. Please read Indiegogo’s terms and conditions carefully before backing a project. However, LENSGO is an established and trustworthy company in our industry.

For full disclosure: CineD receives a percentage of the revenue (affiliate share) made from backing up this project on Indiegogo.

What do you think about the LENSGO Smoke S Mini? Would you include it in your equipment for small shootings? Let us know in the comments below!


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