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January 9th, 2012 Jump to Comment Section

The cinema5D forum has evolved: I present to you the cinema5Dreviews page that we’ve been working on.

This is not a new forum page, this is a whole new section of cinema5D, uniquely programmed and embedded into the cinema5D platform.

What is it?
cinema5Dreviews is a growing database of reviews for filmmaking equipment.
It is in Beta right now.

What can it do for me?
It has a lot of very valuable information on each filmmaking product all put in one place by fellow filmmakers. You save time surfing the web and you might find information you could have missed somewhere else. No more endless forum searching for reviews and opinions on products. It is all gathered in one place.

➔ Opinions by fellow filmmakers (which you can trace back because they’re forum members)
➔ the best video reviews gathered by you from YouTube and Vimeo, or add your own.
➔ prices
➔ ratings
➔ collection of product highlights
➔ currently sortable by star rating, price or name

Who is filling the database?
You. And any other cinema5D forum member can add to the database. If you have tried or own the product you can add your opinion and give a rating for the product. You can also add new products and can add details to existing products.

Not only HDSLR
HDSLRs are great, they’ve upgraded our clips, films, productions, but we’re also embracing all other low budget large sensor cameras and their accessories.
More categories to come, please post your preferred categories in the comments to this article.

It needs to be filled
This database has just been born and it will become more powerful the more you feed it.
Since we’ve written this software on our own and with an extremely tight budget we need some time and your feedback to work out all the glitches. It’s beta, so if something doesn’t work please be patient and let us know.

That’s it. The more you use it the better and faster we can improve the platform to your benefit.
Now go check it out and add a product or two:

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