D-Fuse Softbox – Fuss Free Pop-Up Lighting Modifier For Your 1X1

D-Fuse Softbox - Fuss Free Pop-Up Lighting Modifier For Your 1X1

Kamerar has released an interesting product for getting a softer cast of light from your LED panels. The D-Fuse Softbox is a universal fitting pop-up diffusion box, currently suitable for 1X1 sized panels.

Introducing the D-Fuse Softbox

D-Fuse SoftboxLED panels lights are great; they’re reasonably soft, cheap, light, cool running and variable in colour temperature.

With a bit of modification, they make a great key light; my Litepanels Astra 1×1 is my go-to quick setup key light with a silk flag in front.

Lighting modifiers like silk flags are fantastic; you have complete controlD-Fuse Softbox Mounted over how it affects your light source by altering the distance/angle in relation to your lighting and subject.

However, it’s another bit of kit. Another light stand, meaning another spare hand required to move from location to location. When you’re working quickly, under the cosh and with a small/no crew, that extra bit of kit to lug will likely be the first thing you leave at home.

Enter the D-Fuse Softbox; it’s D-Fuse Softbox Mounteddesigned to be a fuss free lighting modifier that universally attaches to the front of your light, offering a decent off-the-lens-but-not-off-the-light diffusion to soften your light.

Resembling a reflector packed down, the D-Fuse Softbox is very compact when storing; you can just chuck it in your 1×1 bag without it adding much of a footprint to your kit bag.

It pops out in seconds, with a magnet hinge per corner adding to the quick setup. You then strap it to your light around the back with a few Velcro tabs.

D-Fuse Softbox on set

Why Soft Light

Soft lights are much more pleasing on the face, blurring contrast lines as your cast wraps around the subject.

The larger the light source, the softer your light; therefore the closer your lighting modifier can be to your subject, the better*.

(*better when seeking a soft light)

That’s a reason why an independent lighting modifier (like a silk) works so well, but in situations where the additional kit is not feasible, something quick and bolt-on like this is an excellent substitute.

It also works better than just attaching diffusion directly to the lens of your light, as sitting off the glass gives the light space to disperse, plus the added surface area.

Please note, the original D-fuse does not fit the Litepanels Astra. For this light (or similar sized LED fixtures) seek the larger version, all sizes found below.

Via photographyandcinema & Cheesycam

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