DJI Master Wheels and Force Pro – Remote Gimbal Control

DJI Master Wheels and Force Pro - Remote Gimbal Control

DJI reveals two new products for remote gimbal controlling at NAB 2018. DJI Master Wheels provide very precise gimbal control solution for professionals. DJI Force Pro is an intuitive synchronised motion gimbal controller requiring less experience.

While DJI is an industry leader for drones, they are also famous for their camera stabilizers like the Ronin line. At NAB 2018 the Chinese company presents their solutions in the field of remote gimbal control. They are releasing two new products – the DJI Master Wheels and DJI Force Pro are both compatible with the Ronin 2 and Ronin-S gimbal stabilizers and some third party stabilizers as well.

DJI Master Wheels

DJI Master Wheels are high-precision gimbal movement tools which utilize three weighted wheels to adjust pan, tilt and roll with very high accuracy. High resolution optical encoders detect wheel movements and that information is being sent precisely to the gimbal. Master Wheels employ sensor positioning technology along with dual-band low-latency 2.4/5.8GHz wireless transmission technology to ensure a stable and reliable connection from the main console to the moving rig with a latency as low as 10 milliseconds and an operating distance of over 1.9 miles (3 km).

DJI Master Wheels gimbal controler

The intuitive user interface of DJI Master Wheels offers quick access to gimbal settings along with the status of equipment. Three user customizable buttons offer the ability to save shortcuts while on-board motion capture storage enables the filmmaker to easily repeat the motion of the rig. This allows users to dedicate their attention to other aspects of the scene while the gimbal repeats the exact same motion. Built-in three-stop switches are capable of adjusting direction for each axis while dials manipulate speed, smoothness and dampening. Additionally, Master Wheels can change the most important camera settings from the main console.

Another interesting feature of the DJI Master Wheels are their modular design. The three stainless steel wheels and the control modules have the ability to be detached from the main console and connected with a wire for space constrained shooting situations. The wireless transmitter can also be detached and remotely mounted via a 5-meter cable in order to have a stronger signal wherever needed.

DJI Master Wheels has detachable parts

Multiple 1/4” and 3/8” threads are located on the main console to provide mounting points for accessories such as external monitors. For added comfort during operation, the angle of one control module can be manually adjusted based on the preference of the user. Master Wheels can be mounted on a variety of platforms including inside vehicles, tripods and more with a dedicated Mitchell mount on the base of the main console.

The DJI Master Wheels are compatible with the DJI products like the Ronin 2 or Ronin-S as well as with various third-party gimbals. It can be powered through the DJI TB50 intelligent batteries (the same model used on the Ronin 2 and Inspire 2, can power the system for up to 18 hours) or the DC-IN port to utilize V-Lock batteries from third-party manufacturers.

DJI Force Pro

DJI Force Pro is designed for ease of use and it precisely synchronizes the movement of the operator with the movement of the gimbal through a built-in compass and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). Its low-latency dual-band 2.4/5.8GHz wireless transmission system offers quick reaction times with a communication latency as low as 10 milliseconds. Force Pro can also be physically tethered to the gimbal using a CANBUS cable touting a 200Hz signal to eliminate any chance of connection interference while on set.

Force Pro is an intuitive tool which requires minimal familiarity operating gimbal control systems. Simply described, it works like a bulky remote control which makes the gimbal mimic its movement. There is an optional lightweight handlebar available for the Force Pro offering the ability to mount various accessories like monitors, video transmission systems, and thumb controllers. It has two custom speed profiles and a built-in bright OLED screen which provides equipment status along with the ability to control gimbal and camera settings.

DJI Force Pro

The DJI Force Pro controller is compatible with DJI Ronin 2 and Ronin-S gimbals along with other third-party systems. It provides battery life of up to 5 hours when fully charged. Recharging can be achieved several ways – via the USB-C, CANBUS port, or the built-in DC-IN port compatible with third-party V-Lock batteries.

Price and Availability

DJI Master Wheels will be available for pre-order on April 10th, 2018. The complete 3-Axis Model will retail for $8,000 (€8,000 in Europe), 2-Axis Model for $6,000 (€6,000 in Europe) and Single Wheel Control Module for $2,500 (€2,500 in Europe). Master Wheels will begin shipping in June 2018. For more information visit the Master Wheels DJI Product Website (or watch the video above).

DJI Force Pro will also be available for pre-order on April 10th, 2018. Retail cost will be $1,200 (€1,200 in Europe) and it will start shipping in June 2018. For more information visit the DJI Force Pro Product Website.

I guess it will be difficult to overlook the DJI booth at the NAB, but just to make sure – it is number C2207 located at the Central Hall. Stop by to check the new Master Wheels and Force Pro along with other DJI products like drones or image stabilization systems, in case you are interested.

What is your opinion about the new gimbal control products from DJI? Do you use some kind of remote gimbal control? Let us know in the comments below.

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