DoPchoice SNAPBOX Softbox Explained and FAT-RABBIT Updates

We talked to Stefan Karle, CEO of DoPchoice, at NAB 2023 to learn more about the SNAPBOX adaptable Softbox. He also gave us an update on what’s new with the FAT-RABBIT system for large LED fixtures and frames. So, let’s dive into it!

DoPchoice is a well-established manufacturer of light-shaping accessories for a lot of different lighting brands. If you are interested, check out our earlier product coverages on the RABBIT-ROUNDER and the SNAPBAG for Astera. We caught up with the company to see what the SNAPBOX and FAT-RABBIT are all about.

SNAPBOX features

SNAPBOX side and front view with diffusion. Image credit: CineD

The SNAPBOX is built to fit many small flat-panel LED lights like the KinoFlo Freestyle Air, Litemats, and so on. It is built around a self-tightening Snap-frame which has an elastic inner frame. This allows the frame to adapt to the slight size differences, that most small LED fixtures have. You can then attach diffusion to the frame to form a softbox.

This makes it very convenient for rental houses and filmmakers who have several similarly-sized lights from different brands. This solution is compact and lightweight which makes it great for traveling.


DoPchoice FAT-RABBIT frame
FAT-RABBIT frame for large LED fixtures. Image credit: CineD

The FAT-RABBIT on the other hand is made to attach diffusion to large light fixtures. It is based on a rectangular frame that can be adjusted in size to conform to many different large LED lights like ARRI Skypanel 360, Prolight XL Panels, 4X Litepanels Gemini 2×1, etc.

There are bars in different sizes available to purchase, that can be combined to make the frame fit even more fixtures. They all have spigot receivers attached to them to then attach a softbox to. DoPchoice now also sells blocks that have the softbox receiver attached to them, which you can attach to your own frames.

DoPchoice FAT-RABBIT with DOUBLE-HEX 8 softbox
FAT-RABBIT frame with DOUBLE-HEX 8′ softbox. Image credit: CineD

You can attach the SNAPBAG DOUBLE-HEX 8′ softbox using the FAT-RABBIT frame and now there is also a SNAPGRID available for this giant softbox.

Price and availability

The first batch of the SNAPBOX is currently sold out and the company is busy producing more. At the time of writing, the lead time was 2-3 weeks.

The FAT-RABBIT is available now.

DoPchoice has a large international distributor network. You can check their “Buy or Rent” website to find out where you can buy or rent their products and at what prices.

More information about these products can be found at the

Do you own a DoPchoice product? What’s your experience using their SNAP systems? Have you worked with other solutions and have experiences to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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