DoPchoice Modifiers for Velvet KOSMOS 400 and Rotolight Titan X1 Introduced

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DoPchoice Modifiers for Velvet KOSMOS 400 and Rotolight Titan X1 Introduced

German manufacturer DoPchoice has released some new lighting modifiers. This time both the Velvet KOSMOS Studio 400 and the Rotolight Titan X1 get the DoPChoice treatment.

DoPchoice supports dozens of differnt lighting fixtures with custom made light refining modifiers and other accessories. Founded by BVK (German Society of Cinematographers) member Stefan Karle, the company has created and shipped a vast amount of innovative lighting modifiers for virtually each and every pro lighting fixture out there. And now the Velvet KOSMOS Studio 400 and Rotolight’s Titan X1 are on that list, too.

DoPchoice for Velvet KOSMOS 400

First up, let’s talk about Velvet’s KOSMOS Studio 400 fixture. DoPChoice offers a dedicated rectangular SNAPBAG Medium softbox (60 x 60 x 32 cm / 24 x 24 x 13, 0.6 kg / 1.32 lbs) which works in conjunction with a new ring-shaped RABBIT ROUNDER. Wait, a rabbit what?

SNAPBAG for Velvet KOSMOS 400
SNAPBAG for Velvet KOSMOS 400. Image credit: DoPChoice

The so-called Rabbit Ear adapters are DoPchoice’s take on traditional speed rings for mounting lighting modifiers on a lighting fixture. These are custom-built for each fixture and therefore they integrate much tighter without light spill and they tend to be more lightweight, too.

This SNAPBAG modifier also sports an additional layer of diffusion, the so-called pyramid baffle, which sits right on top of the light source inside of the SNAPBAG and helps avoiding any hot spots. As the name suggests, the SNAPBAG can be moutned in just seconds and the same applies to the new SNAPBAG LANTERN, which is a round softener. It also comes with two 90º skirts for controlling spill. The whole thing is 100 x 100 x 80 cm/39 x 39 x 31 inches and weighs 1.9 kg / 4.19 lbs.

SNAPBAG Lantern for Velvet KOSMOS 400. Image credit: DoPChoice
Image credit: DoPchoice

For even more control, Snapgrid Medium 30º and 40º grids can be used with the SNAPBAG too, and they, you guessed it, snap right on.

DoPchoice for Rotolight Titan X1

If you own a Rotolight Titan X1 LED panel, DoPChoice have you covered when it comes to control and diffuse the output of that fixture. The new SRER-TIX2 RABBIT-EAR adapter lets you use an existing RABBIT EARS mini to fit the Titan X1 perfectly. Once this is in place you can make use of the new SBRL1T SNAPBAG as well as a fitting SGRL1T40 40º SNAPGRID.

DoPChoice - Rotolight Titan X1
SNAPBAG for Rotolight Titan X1. Image credit: DoPchoice

Furthermore, the adapted RABBIT EARS mounting system unlocks many existing lighting modifiers by DoPchoice for use with the Rotolight Titan X1: differeet sizes of their OCTABAG, a SNAPBAG medium or two sizes of SNAPBAG LANTERNs.

Rabbit ears for Titan X1
different lighting modifiers and accessories for Rotolight Titan X1. Image credit: DoPchoice

Pricing and Availability

The SNAPBAG Medium for Velvet KOSMOS 400 is listed on DoPchoice’s website already, so it should be availble through retailers very soon. There’s no pricing available yet. The same goes for the SNAPBAG Lantern L for KOSMOS 400.

For the Rotolight Titan X1, you already can get the SNAPGRID, the rest of the dedicated Titan X1 lineup is not yet to be found on retailers, but I’m sure it won’t be long.

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What do you think? Are you already a user of DoPchoice lighting gear? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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