Rotolight Titan X1 Announced – with Built-in Diffuser System

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Rotolight has just announced the launch of its latest LED fixture: the Rotolight Titan X1. This 1×1 RGBWW LED light is the little brother of the Titan X2 and has a lot of similarities with it, but in a more compact (and affordable) package: built-in SmartSoft diffusion system, a color temperature that can go from 3000K to 10.000K with a TLCI of 98, full RGBWW color gamut, tons of ways to control it wired/wirelessly, IP20 rating and so on. Let’s take a closer look at this incredibly bright 230W fixture!

Rotolight Titan Lineup

The Rotolight Titan lineup was first introduced last year during IBC with the Rotolight Titan X2. If you missed it, you can read our in-depth article about the Titan X2’s specs here, or watch our hands-on review of the light here.

The Rotolight Titan X2. Image credit: CineD

The Titan X2 is one of the most impressive fixture we saw last year, with superb light output, great build quality and versatility. However, with a price tag of $4699.00, it’s not a fixture for everybody and its main market is more around rental houses or big studios.

Today, the company introduced a new model in the Titan lineup: the Titan X1. This 1×1 panel is smaller, more affordable, and has a lot of similarities with it’s bigger brother.

Rotolight Titan X1. Image credit: Rotolight

Rotolight Titan Common Features

In a nutshell, the Titan X2 is one of the brightest 2×1 RGBWW light panels on the market. Same goes for the Titan X1 which has a lot in common, including:

  • The Titan X2 has a power consumption of 420W, whereas the smaller Titan X1 only draws 230W. There’s a Neutrik Speakon connector to feed it from mains power.
  • You can power the Titan X1 at full power via the optional 4-Way and/or 2-Way V-Lock Regulated Battery Adapter.
  • You can adjust the light temperature from 3000K to 10.000K. Both lights use RGBWW technology, which means there are five different light emitters (red, green, blue, warm white, and cold white) to reproduce colors accurately. Indeed, Titan X1 does have an impressive TLCI of 98 and a CRI >95.
  • Multiple built-in light effects are included.
  • It features SmartSoft technology, which electronically adjusts the light’s diffusion, focus, and spread.
  • SmartSoft can be adjusted locally via the built-in touchscreen at the back of the light, via DMX, or wirelessly. Talking about connectivity, you have multiple options, including DMX wired and wireless, Bluetooth (for app control), with integrated LumenRadio compatibility, an Elinchrom Skyport flash receiver, and an RJ45 port.
  • Both lights have an IP20 rating; you can use them under harsh conditions from -20 to +45°C.
  • Both fixtures runs on the same firmware, so any future update can be used and installed on both lights.
Source: Rotolight

As you can see, the Rotolight Titan lineup gives you nearly everything you can think of built-in inside the light, with impressive capabilities compared to its competitors.

Source: Rotolight

Rotolight Titan X1 – Output

According to the company, the Titan X1 is the brightest 1×1 LED panel available on the market right now with dimensions of only 400 x 145 x 360mm. Also, with half the size of the X2, the X1 has less output with a brightness at 5m (3200K with half diffusion) of around 468 Lux. Above is a photometrics chart compared to other fixtures.

Image credit: Rotolight

Price and Availability

The Titan X1 is available to pre-order now in three different versions with different yokes: the ‘”standard” Yoke, Pole Operated Yoke, and Swan Neck Yoke. Prices start at $2999.00/€2649.00.

Also, various bundles are available, such as a Rental kit that includes a hard case, a tripod clamp, and an extension cable. A Reporter kit contains a soft case and the Swan Neck Yoke version.

Finally, loads of extra accessories are available such as the 2-way V-Lock battery adapter, rain covers, DOP Choice Snapbags, a new range of high capacity batteries (155wh and 310wh), light modifiers, and various grids. The Titan eco-system is really expanding a lot.

What do you think about this new Rotolight Titan X1? Do you think it is a more affordable option for one-man band filmmakers or production companies? Did you already shoot with the bigger brother, Titan X2? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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