Rotolight Titan X2 Announced – 2×1 Soft Light RGBWW LED Panel

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Rotolight Titan X2 Announced - 2x1 Soft Light RGBWW LED Panel

Rotolight Titan is a new 2×1 LED panel with RGBWW technology offering over 16.7 million colors with five lighting modes: CCT, HSI, RGBW, XY and Filter with a library of more than 1300 industry standard gels. CCT spectrum is available from 2800K – 10,000K. With SmartSoft technology the panel can electronically diffuse the light.

Rotolight Titan X2 – 2×1 Soft LED Light Panel. Source: Rotolight

Rotolight is a British technology company specializing in creating LED lighting products for photographers and filmmakers. They are known for their innovative, mostly round-shaped LED panels. The company is now introducing their new RGBWW 2×1 panel Rotolight Titan X2. What are the specs?

Rotolight Titan X2

Rotolight Titan X2 – 2×1 Soft LED Light Panel. Source: Rotolight

The new LED panel from Rotolight features the RGBWW technology, which means it contains 5 different light emitters (red, green, blue, warm white, and cold white) for good color accuracy and the whole spectrum of colors. Rotolight Titan X2 is a 2×1 light panel and Rotolight claims it is the brightest 2×1 soft light ever made. Why soft light?

The Titan X2 features SmartSoft technology, which can electronically adjust the light’s diffusion, focus and spread. SmartSoft can be adjusted locally on the light, via DMX or wirelessly. With the largest light aperture of any 2×1 fixture, Titan X2’s soft output wraps around subjects and avoids sharp shadows. It would be nice to test this function in the field and compare the results with the standard softbox solution as the idea makes a lot of sense – getting a super soft source light from a smaller lighting footprint than a large chimera dome would make production a lot easier in many cases.

SmartSoft diffusion demonstration. Source: Rotolight

The Titan X2 is claimed to perform very well across the entire CCT spectrum from 2800K – 10,000K. CRI values are above 95 (TLCI is 98). The light is entirely flicker-free at any shutter angle or intensity and it can be dimmed between 0 and 100%. It offers a palette of over 16.7 million colors, all accessible across five lighting modes: CCT, HSI, RGBW, XY and Filter which includes a comprehensive library of more than 1300 industry standard gels.

Rotolight Titan X2 – 2×1 Soft LED Light Panel. Source: Rotolight

As one way of controling, the Titan X2 offers a toughened LCD touchscreen display on the back. The user interface should be intuitive, fast and responsive as key features are accessible with a single touch thanks to quick-start icons and up to 10 user customisable presets for instant recall. The full-colour display enables on-screen previews of the Titan X2’s filter library for easier color selection.

Rotolight Titan X2 control touchscreen. Source: Rotolight

Other ways to control the light are standard wired or wireless DMX, Bluetooth (for app control), integrated LumenRadio compatibility, Elinchrom Skyport flash receiver and RJ45. Bluetooth and LumenRadio are built-in as standard, but will be enabled via firmware update in Q1 2020.

Rotolight Titan X2 – 2×1 Soft LED Light Panel. Source: Rotolight

The Rotolight Titan X2 features high colour accuracy due to Rotolight’s engineered PentaChromic Color Engine developed using the RGBWW technology, which guarantees precise skin tones and vivid colour saturation. It also features a suite of user customisable CineSFX (Fire, Lightning, TV, Gunshot, Paparazzi and more).

Titan X2 Photometric Data. Intensifier is part of the DOP choice Softbox which uses highly reflective silver material to intensify the light output. Source: Rotolight

The Titan X2 also offers some useful features for photographers like High speed sync flash (1/8000th) with a powerful output and zero recycle time. Featuring an integrated Elinchrom Skyport flash receiver, up to ten Titan X2’s can be wirelessly triggered at up to 656ft (200m) with the Rotolight HSS transmitter, available for all major camera brands.

Rotolight Titan X2 – 2×1 Soft LED Light Panel. Source: Rotolight

The fixture is designed and manufactured in the UK in a compact yet apparently very robust housing. Rotolight Titan features four secure aluminium handles for effortless rigging and is available with a variety of mounting options. The light is supplied with a variety of mounting options, can be positioned at any angle and allows stacking of multiple fixtures for large arrays. Rotolight says that every light is individually hand-calibrated and crafted using high quality materials, so the build quality should be very good.

Technical Specifications – Titan X2 Lamphead

  • LED system: Rotolight PentaChromic Colour Engine
  • Diffuser system: Rotolight SmartSoft Diffusion
  • Light aperture: 650 x 300 mm / 25.6” x 11.8”
  • Beam angle: Electronically variable 68 degrees to 150 degrees
  • Weight: Titan X2 body: 10.6kg / 23.3 lbs, Titan X2 + Standard Yoke: 13.1kg / 28.8 lbs, Titan X2 + Pole Operated Yoke: 14.6kg / 32.1 lbs, Titan X2 + Swan-Neck: 11.5kg / 25.3 lbs
  • Dimensions: Titan X2 body: 350 x 150 x 705mm (13.7” x 5.9” x 27.7”), Titan X2 body + Standard Yoke: 546 x 158 x 840mm (21.4” x 6.2” x 33”), Titan X2 body + Pole Operated Yoke: 532 x 139 x 814mm (20.9” x 5.4” x 32”), Titan X2 + K-Mount Swan Neck: 350 x 295 x 705mm (20.9” x 5.4” x 27.7”)
  • Handling: pole operated yoke (pan and tilt), Standard Yoke, K-Mount Swan-Neck with Baby 16mm Socket
  • Mounting: 28mm Junior Spigot or 16mm Baby Spigot (K-Mount Swan-Neck)
  • Tilt angle: +/- 90 Degrees
  • Lamphead DC voltage input: 24 V DC
  • Power consumption: 420W nominal
  • Lamphead power connection: Neutrik Speakon (Positive Pin 1+ 2+ / Negative Pin 1- 2-)
  • Battery DC voltage range: 20.5 V DC to 26 V DC
  • Battery mode light output: 4 way adapter : 50%
  • White light: 2800K to 10,000K continuously variable Correlated Colour Temperature
  • Coloured light: Full RGBWW colour gamut with Hue, Saturation and Diffusion Control
  • Colour Temperature Tolerance: +/- 50 K (nominal), +/- 5% Green-Magenta (nominal)
  • CRI: 5600K >95, 3200K >95, Skintone R15 = 98
  • TLCI: 98
  • Green-Magenta adjustment: continuously variable (full minusgreen to full plusgreen)
  • Dimming: 0 – 100 % continuous
  • Diffusion: 0 – 2 stops continuous (0%- 100%)
  • Control: local 5 pin DMX, RJ45, Bluetooth, LumenRadio, wired/wDMX, Elinchrom Skyport (Bluetooth connectivity and LumenRadio control coming Q1 2020)
  • Remote Device Management (RDM): DMX Setup, Hour Counter, and Standard RDM Commands
  • Flash: Skyport HSS (range 200M), up to 1/8000th sec
  • Software interface: Firmware/software upgrade via USB-A
  • Factory Interface: Firmware installation, system configuration and calibration interface
  • Housing colour: Black, red and silver
  • Ambient temperature operation: -20 to +45°C (-4 to 113°F), active intelligent thermal management
  • Protection class / IP rating: IP20
  • Estimated LED lifetime (L70): 50,000 Hours
  • Estimated colour shift over lifetime (CCT): +/- 5 %
  • Certifications: CE, FCC, UL, TUV

Technical Specifications – Power Supply Unit

  • Power supply input range: 110 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Power supply output: 24 V DC 750 watt
  • Power input connector: PowerCON TRUE1 (Bare Ends/Shuko/Edison cables available)
  • Power output connector: PowerCON TRUE1 (mains power through)
  • DC output connector: Female speakCON (Positive Pin 1+ 2+ / Negative Pin 1- 2-)
  • Weight: 3.7kg / 8.15 lbs
  • Dimensions: 379 mm x 141 mm x 82 mm
  • Control: On-board latching on/off switch
  • Mounting: Central K-Mount, latching K-Mount, or to truss/pole via K-Mount adapter with superclamp
  • Certifications: CE, CB, EAC, cNRTLus, TUV, FCC, EN, UL

Rotolight Titan X2 – 2×1 Soft LED Light Panel. Source: Rotolight

Rotolight will be present with the new light at IBC 2019, so if you plan on visiting the show, you can check the Titan X2 at their booth 12.E37.

Shipping in November 2019, Rotolight Titan X2 is available for pre-order now. Titan X2 comes with Standard yoke, Pole yoke, or Swan neck.

What do you think of the Rotolight Titan X2? Do you have experience with other Rotolight products? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.

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