Ulanzi Video Lights Introduced – 120W Bi-Color & RGB, and 200W Bi-Color

Ulanzi Video Lights Introduced - 120W Bi-Color & RGB, and 200W Bi-Color

Ulanzi has announced a new series of V-Mount video lights: The Ulanzi 120W Bi-color (VL-120Bi), the RGB version (VL-120C), and the 200Bi, 200W (VL-V200Bi). Those V-Mount video lights have dual power options and adjustable CCT and HS. The kits are portable, versatile, and designed to work in different shooting environments. 

Ulanzi is a Chinese company specializing in video gear and accessories like tripods and lighting fixtures. Not long ago, we covered their 52mm MagFilter magnetic filter kit, and now they have introduced three new lights for video creators, two bi-color (120W and 200W) and another with RGB technology (120W). All units can be powered with electric output and batteries, making them ideal for shooting in a studio, on location, and outdoors, or, for a quick-paced setup like weddings, events, etc.

color temperature and intensity can be adjusted seamlessly. – Source: Ulanzi.

The VL120Bi/VL-120C – Portable lights with versatile features

The Ulanzi 120W Bi-color (VL-120Bi) and RGB (VL-120C) feature high-efficiency COB lamp heads, ensuring a uniform light distribution. Both fixtures feature a dual power option (we can power the lights with V-mount batteries or a DC power adapter). Featuring a CRI of more than 95, color temperature can be step-lessly adjusted from 2700K to 6500K and brightness from 0% to 100%. The HSI mode gives more control over hue, saturation, and intensity across the full-color spectrum. 

The Ulanzi Connect App allows control of the fixtures from 30m and chance CCT, dimming, FX, and light groups. The app has 20 preset light effects with the RGB version and 6 with the Bi-color version. 

The app has a reach of up to 30m to control the fixtures. – Source: Ulanzi.

Both fixtures offer a user-friendly experience, featuring an LCD display, a stepless knob, a 360° rotating L-stand, and Bowens mount compatibility. 

VL-120Bi and VL-120C Specifications. – Source: Ulanzi.

The V-Mount 200Bi 200W

The V-Mount 200Bi is similar to the V-Mount 120Bi in all aspects but as its name suggests, has a higher output of Maximum 200W. As such, it will also be a bit more expensive than the lower output model.

V-Mount 200Bi
Ulanzi VL-200Bi 200W V-Mount Video Light. Credit: Ulanzi

Price and availability

The new Ulanzi 120W Bi-color (VL-120Bi) and RGB (VL-120C) V-Mount video lights are available from the Ulanzi webpage in different combinations and prices ranging from $89.95 (the bi-color version without any extras) to $499.85 (the RGB light with two 26000mAh V-Mount batteries). There is also an early bird sale until June 9, with a discount of $10 on a single VL-120Bi Light and $40 on a single VL-120C Light. There is also an additional 5% when you buy 2 or more.

The same goes for the V-Mount 200Bi 200W model. The early bird price range is between $159 to $509.85 depending on the light configuration. For additional information please head here.

Please visit the products page here to check the options available and the shipping restrictions. 

What do you think about these new additions to the Ulanzi catalog? Have you used Ulanzi products before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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