Ulanzi TT35 Hiking Stick Tripod Introduced – Four Products in One

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Ulanzi TT35 Hiking Stick Tripod Introduced - Four Products in One

Ulanzi has introduced something unique to the field of tripods – namely, a tripod kit that doubles as “trekking poles”. Each of the legs in the Ulanzi TT35 transforms into hiking sticks when not in use as tripod legs. And it does more, so let’s have a look!

Known for travel tripods like the Ulanzi Video-Go, F38, and BP09/BP10 series, Ulanzi is no slacker in the field of tripods – all of these were released in 2023. Now they have expanded their lineup yet again with a tripod that can transform into several configurations: the TT35 is a tripod, a monopod, a selfie stick, and hiking poles all in one. Described by Ulanzi as a “multi-functional, globally pioneering hiking stick tripod”, the TT35 is designed for outdoor photographers, vloggers, and nature enthusiasts.

Multi-functional TT35 “walking stick” tripod. Source: Ulanzi

How does it work?

When fully assembled, the TT35 functions as a normal tripod. It is lightweight, weighing in at 1.16kg/2.58lbs, can extend to 145cm/57.08in with a maximum load of 3kg/6.61lbs, and adjusts to multiple angles (20, 50, and 80 degrees).

Ulanzi TT35 tripod configurations. Source: Ulanzi
Mini tripod as a selfie stick. Source: Ulanzi

When disassembled, you can use it as a desktop mini tripod independently. It weighs 346g/0.76lbs and has a minimum height of 14.2cm/5.6in and a maximum load of 5kg/11lbs. (3kg/6.61lbs is recommended).

Using the TT35’s legs as hiking sticks. Source: Ulanzi

….Now a monopod, and now a selfie stick!

When detached, each leg of the tripod can serve as a monopod that extends from 60 to 140cm. The legs are lightweight at 284g/0.63lbs each, and each of the leg’s 4 sections collapses to a compact 47cm/18.50in and can be adjusted in length from 49-130cm/19.29-51.18in for shooting/walking. It will support up to 3kg, but for stability, think more towards 1kg. The tripod is equipped with a quick-release ball head.

The tripod leg converted to a selfie stick. Source: Ulanzi

You can also convert the poles into selfie sticks. They have a sponge handle and adjustable wrist straps. Plus, if the three poles are connected, you’ve got an ultra-long 350cm/ extension pole that weighs 852gm/ to use for overhead shots or landscapes.

Shooting with the fully assembled tripod. Source: Ulanzi

The Ulanzi TT35 tripod is composed of carbon fiber, and individual components have undergone various processes to protect them from the elements. The tripod disassembles using quick-release methods, so converting the TT35 into one of its many configurations should be easy.

Price and availability

The Ulanzi TT35 kit can be purchased directly on their website for $199, currently a $50 savings off their normal price of $249, and is available now. The individual elements, like the monopod kit for $149 for the hiking poles for $69, can also be pre-ordered and are expected to ship in May.

What do you think about this tripod/hiking stick/monopod/desk tripod? Can you see yourself using something like this when you’re out shooting? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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