Ulanzi Video-Go Tripod Introduced – Ultra-Small Video Tripod

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At IBC 2023, we spoke with Conrad Broeders about Ulanzi’s new, lightweight video tripod. Slightly heavier than their Zero Y Travel Tripod, introduced last year at IBC 2022, the Video-Go weighs in at 1.46kg. With a new, slightly heavier video head, it’s also more stable for filming.

When it comes to travel tripods for videographers, portability and stability are key. We are looking for ease of transport on our more adventurous shoots, but we need maximum stability as well. It’s a question of weight: how low can we go and still provide the stability for smooth footage?

Ulanzi’s Video-Go, an ultra-small video tripod. Image: CineD

More stability for videographers

Ulanzi has developed a tripod tailored to meet this requirement, the Ulanzi Video-Go. Their latest tripod, slightly heavier at 1.46kg in comparison to the 1.1kg Zero Y model, provides the additional stability that filmmakers need. The increased weight minimizes unwanted vibrations and jitters and adds stability on uneven terrain or in situations where external factors like wind or vibrations might jeopardize your footage.

A small head with a lot of flexibility. Image: CineD

Flexibility with Ulanzi’s Video-Go tripod heads

The video head is small as the tripod is designed for cameras with a maximum weight of 3kg, making it suitable for compact cameras and small system cameras with a variety of lenses. The half-bowl ball heads have a 360-degree rotation, and there is a pan and tilt function on the base, so it’s easy to balance your camera without having to adjust the legs. Ulanzi offers three different head versions for their Video-Go tripod: The Arca, the F38 quick-release system, and the Claw quick-release system. Additionally, a longer Arca plate can be utilized if you are filming with a slightly heavier camera.

A smooth pan and tilt function at the base of the head. Image: CineD

Versatility with a reversible and detachable center column

The Ulanzi Video-Go has a maximum height extending up to 146cm while offering a minimum height of around 13cm. Additionally, it features a reversible and detachable center column for added versatility. The head of the tripod can handle a maximum load capacity of 3kg, while the tripod itself can support up to 20kg. Crafted from lightweight carbon fiber, the legs are easy to extend and fold up.

A secret compartment in the handle holds a practical tool for on-the-go. Image: CineD

And there’s a surprise inside

Conveniently, Ulanzi has designed a concealed storage compartment within the handle, housing a built-in screwdriver. To access this tool, detach the handle, unscrew the handle’s end to reveal the hidden blades, insert a blade into the opposite side of the handle, and you’ll have a practical tool that’s ready to use when you’re on the go.

Price and availability

The Ulanzi Video-Go tripod is set to be released on October 12th and can be purchased directly on the Ulanzi website and in select stores in Europe. Prices will be according to the selected head:

  • with an Arca head – 259 Euro
  • with a Cloak head – 279 Euro
  • with an F38 head – 299 Euro

Could this travel tripod enhance your videography on the go? Could it replace or complement your current videography equipment while traveling? Let us know in the comments below!

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