SIRUI SVT75 One-Step Height Adjustment Video Tripod – Discussed

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During IBC 2023, we stopped by the SIRUI booth to discuss their latest product announcement: the SIRUI SVT75 Rapid Tripod System. The tripod legs feature a one-step height adjustment system with a maximum payload capacity of 25kg/55.1 lbs. So, let’s take a closer look at it!

It has been a pretty busy tradeshow for SIRUI this year! Indeed, if you missed it, the company was kind enough to show us their upcoming Sniper autofocus lenses during an exclusive interview.

Back to our main topic and a product that the company has excelled at for more than 20 years now: tripods. The SIRUI SVT75 was first announced back in August 2023. Also, if you missed it, my colleague Nino did an entire review of this tripod that you can watch here.

SIRUI SVT75 tripod with SVH15 video head
SIRUI SVT75 tripod with SVH15 video head. Image credit: CineD

SIRUI SVT75 – key features

In that video, we discussed with Sonny from SIRUI about the SVT75 Pro set of legs. Another version, called the SVT75 Lite, is also available. The main difference is that the Pro version includes a mid-spreader, a 75mm half bowl, and a carrying handle. Other than the extra accessories, all of the other features of the tripod legs are identical.

The SIRUI SVT75 has one-step height adjustment levers
The SIRUI SVT75 has one-step height adjustment levers. Image credit: CineD

Here are the main features of the SIRUI SVT75 tripod:

  • The legs are made of carbon fiber and have a large diameter of 40mm/1.6in.
  • The SVT75 Lite weighs 3.5kg/7.7 lbs, while the Pro version tips the scale at 4.3kg/9.5 lbs.
  • One-step height adjustment levers on all legs.
  • Maximum height: 1.53m/5.02ft. Minimum height: 21cm/0.68ft.
The SIRUI SVT75 features a removable mid-spreader
The SIRUI SVT75 features a removable mid-spreader. Image credit: CineD
  • Removable mid-spreader with a quick-release design.
  • Maximum payload capacity: 25kg/55.1lbs.
  • Bowl size: 75mm.
SIRUI SVT75 tripod legs with SVH15 fluid head
SIRUI SVT75 tripod legs with SVH15 fluid head. Image credit: CineD

SIRUI SVH15 fluid head features

We already had an in-depth talk with SIRUI during NAB 2023 about the SVH15 fluid head, but here are the main features:

  • 75mm half-ball mount.
  • Weight: 3.6kg/7.7lbs.
  • Maximum payload capacity: 15kg/33 lbs.
  • The head has seven user-adjustable counterbalance settings.
  • Pan and tilt drag adjustments with 1-9 steps.
  • It uses a Manfrotto-style quick-release plate, which is compatible with DJI RS2 / RS3 gimbals.

Pricing and availability

The SIRUI SVT75 tripod legs and SVH15 tripod legs are currently available to pre-order via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which is already fully funded. Various packages are available, starting at $399 for the SVT75 Lite and $519 for the SVT75 Pro. Also, a full kit that includes the tripod legs and head is available starting at $879.

At the end of every crowdfunding campaign, we remind you that although SIRUI is an established company behind this campaign, please be aware of the risks when backing a project on a crowdfunding platform. Please read Indiegogo’s terms of use – especially the section about “Backing a campaign”. Keep in mind that there can be significant delays when delivering the product, and some products don’t get delivered at all.

What do you think about the SVT75 tripod legs? Did you already pre-order this tripod system? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!


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