NANLUX Launches New Evoke Accessories and More

NANLUX is launching a line of new accessories for their powerful Evoke 2400B. These include a motorized fresnel modifier with app control, new reflectors, and a new projector attachment for the “little” brother, the Evoke 900. As often happens with human interaction, this short interview touches on various other interesting issues regarding lights, RGB, Bicolor, and the future of high-power LED lights.

NANLUX, as well as several other manufacturers, is taking part in a revolution. The company has significantly elevated itself since their humble beginnings and now offers some of the best, most powerful LED fixtures on the market. Challenging (and winning) traditional HMI lights, the company’s products now provide rather extreme power output to the masses, or at least – to a much broader user base.

NANLUX Evoke 2400B accessories

The Evoke 2400B gets some nice accessories, significantly elevating the fixture’s abilities. The first, and arguably most impressive, is the NANLUX FL-35E Motorized Fresnel Lens. This fresnel mechanism uses the electronic contacts of NANLUX’s proprietary NL mount to remotely zoom its beam angle from 15° to 46°, amplifying the raw output up to more than five times its base output, which is already pretty high.

NANLUX FL-35E Motorized Fresnel Lens. Image credit: CineD

The motorized fresnel can be operated via app, DMX, ethernet connection, etc. NANLUX pretty much covered all mainstream methods, enabling quick and easy control for the sort of makeshift indie sets, as well as large studios, where dependable wired connectivity is elementary. Operation is very easy and straightforward. After a firmware update, you’ll be able to control the fresnel beam angle from the NANLUX app.

NANLUX Motorized Fresnel Lens app control. Image credit: CineD

Aside from the NANLUX FL-35E Motorized Fresnel Lens and the app, NANLUX will also release two additional reflectors. The current reflector, included with the Evoke 2400, is a 45° reflector. The company will add both 30° and 60° reflectors to the roster.

Evoke 900/1200 projector

NANLUX also announces a dedicated projector for the Evoke 900/1200 series. The PJ-NLM EV1200-15-30 is a rather lengthy name to describe a zoom projector with a beam angle varying between 15°-30°.

NANLUX Evoke 900/1200 projector. Image credit: CineD

This device is a sort of “Version 2.0” of the company’s existing projection lens but with the added removable zoom mechanism and a larger heat sink. The enlarged heat sink should allow for more flexibility with additional lens options.

Lighting additional facets (pun intended)

In the second half of the interview, NANLUX’s representative Jeremy Gay unveils some interesting insights about NANLUX products, popularity, and usability. An important feature he mentions is the Evoke 2400 compatibility with American house power outlets. Thoroughly covered in our own review by Graham Ehlers Sheldon, this feature’s popularity is unsurprising.

The NANLUX Evoke 900, announced last year, is also explored in terms of its significant color power output, and RGB lights vs gels, among other features. Also, the discussion covers the evolving LED market, which is becoming powerful enough to potentially surpass traditional HMIs in popularity.

Price and availability

The NANLUX FL-35E Motorized Fresnel Lens will cost $1,700, shipping around May 2024. Other accessory pricing discussed has yet to be determined. Shipping times aren’t disclosed at this point but should follow shortly after the release of the Motorized Fresnel Lens.

Do you own a NANLUX Evoke 2400B yourself? Do you rent one from time to time, or is it altogether just too much for your needs? Will the latest accessories affect your work? Let us know in the comments.

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