Rotolight Titan X2 Group Buy at CVP

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Rotolight Titan X2 Group Buy at CVP

Our retail partner CVP is offering an interesting group buy for the Rotolight Titan X2, their large 2×1 RGBWW light with a very high light output. You can get it 10-20% cheaper which will make it an intriguing purchase for some production companies.

The British lighting company Rotolight surprised us all in September of last year when it introduced the Rotolight Titan X2, a “serious take” on the LED panel: 2×1 size, RGBWW color reproduction, and brighter than the “industry standard” ARRI Skypanels – we were intrigued.

What’s the Rotolight Titan X2?

Now, if you need a refresher on the Rotolight Titan X2, don’t hesitate to read our announcement article here and also watch our coverage from IBC 2019, when we had a first look at the light, and an interview with Rod Aaron Gammons, Rotolight’s CEO.

Titan X2 Group Buy at CVP

It’s a powerful light that comes at a price, but we were interested when CVP approached us with a new concept:

If people order a larger volume of units, they can get it cheaper, and that discount can be given to the end customer to make the purchase more interesting.

In other words – in a group buy, a number of people will commit to buy a unit and will get it cheaper, depending on the total number of ordered units. The more units are sold, the cheaper it will get, it’s that simple.

Discount structure

Group Buy Tier One: 5-10 units sold 10% discount to the end-user 

Group Buy Tier Two: 11-15 units sold 15% discount to the end-user 

Group Buy Tier Three: 16-20 units sold 20% discount to the end-user 

Rotolight Titan X2 control touchscreen. Source: Rotolight

What to do

1. Complete the form on the page linked here, including the desired quantity of products.

2. CVP will contact you prior to processing your order to confirm the final price for the exclusive offer.

3. CVP will process orders and shipments in the order received.

4. Orders outside the United Kingdom are eligible, but extra shipping costs may apply.

5. All purchases need to be completed by 23:59 Friday 23rd October (BST).

What do you think, are you in the market for a super-punchy LED light with all sorts of bells and whistles if you can get a good discount? To me, it definitely looks like a properly built and feature-packed fixture, which is why we will take a closer look in a review soon. Let us know what you think about offers like this!

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