Edelkrone Pocket Series – Compact Solutions for Supports, Slides and Skates

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Edelkrone Pocket Series - Compact Solutions for Supports, Slides and Skates

Edelkrone is soon to release its new line of Pocket Series accessories, ranging from the worlds smallest camera slider, to compact a rod setup, to handle and grip support.

We caught a glimpse of the Edelkrone Pocket Series at NAB earlier this year, a selection of products all offering different features that are designed to pack down to under the profile of a DSLR. All products will start shipping from the 29th December.

All are around the same size, the largest being 5.1 x 2 x 1.7 inches (130 x 50 x 45mm), and where applicable all have a load capacity of 6 pounds (2.7kg). Machined from CNC with delrin components and stainless steel screws.


pocketskaterThe Pocket Skater has three wheels that extend separately.

3 joints per leg ensure that the Pocket Skater is versatile for both linear and curved camera moves.

Aluminium lined wheels and bearing ensure a smooth action.



pocketsupportThe Pocket Support from Edelkrone is a single arm compromising of 5 joints.

These can be extended and retracted in a variety of ways including a top handle, chest support and belt clip half monopod setup.

Like all of the Pocket Series, the Pocket Support packs down to form factor smaller than a DSLR battery grip.




pocketstandThe Pocket Stand turns your mirrorless camera or DSLR into a WorldOfTheWorlds-esque 4 legged tripod.

The legs are adjustable in a way that enables the camera to sit level on uneven terrain and edges of a variety of surfaces.

3 joints per leg also mean you could mount the camera upside down hanging from a wire.



pockethandlesLike all of the Pocket Series the Pocket Handles are designed with no buttons or locks.
The joints move freely and as a result the Pocket Handles can be setup in forward or aft positions as well as beneath your camera, or level like a cage.

Folding the handles back on themselves turns the Pocket Handles into a table top stand.



pocketrodsEdelkrone claim the Pocket Rods are the smallest rod setup in the world, and their probably right.

As with all Pocket Series, they are compatible to work alongside all other products in the respective line.

They’re industry standard 15mm, and are 4.5″ in length; the separate extension pack doubles their length.



pocketsliderIn true Edelkrone fashion, the Pocket Slider packs more punch than it would seem, offering around 40% more slide action than its physical size.

The precise measurement of camera movement is 7.9″, which maybe considered small, tiny in fact.

But with a bit of foreground detail in your image, this movement could be highly effective against an otherwise boring static shot.


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