Upgrade Your Equipment with edelkrone’s TradeUP Program

Upgrade Your Equipment with edelkrone's TradeUP Program

Edelkrone’s TradeUP program offers content creators the opportunity to upgrade to the latest edelkrone products at a discount. This program is managed directly by edelkrone and interestingly doesn’t require users to send in their old equipment to get the savings. Let’s see what this is all about.

edelkrone is known for their unique designs and filmmaking equipment that offers a lot of functionality without a high price tag. Their JibONE v2, for example, is a complete, portable motion control system that costs a fraction of what the nearest competitor charges.

They’re always innovating and updating their products, and they aren’t leaving their loyal users without any benefits.

The edelkrone TradeUP program covers 15 of their popular products with as much as $500 off the price to upgrade. And as their site states, “You don’t have to send your previous generation edelkrone back. Just show us what you have and own the newest model for much less.

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edelkrone TradeUP eligible products – full list

Here’s a list of all eligible products by Edelkrone:

  • HeadPLUS v1
  • Head Module / Target Module / Focus Module
  • SliderPLUS / SlidePLUS Pro
  • Slider Module / Action Module
  • SliderONE
  • Wing (3 / 7 / 15)
  • JibONE
  • SurfaceONE
  • edelkrone Controller
  • PocketRIG
  • FocusONE
  • FlexTILT Head
Image source: edelkrone

If you purchased your products directly from edelkrone, the process is lightning fast. Just login to your account, and they’ll let you know what equipment you own that is eligible for the discount. For purchases made through resellers, just contact support, and they’ll make sure you’re all set.

TradeUP non-edelkrone products

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Not only can you upgrade your edelkrone products, but this discount is also offered as a cross-grade for competing products as well. However, you are required to send in your non-edelkrone gear to receive the discount.

This looks to be a great program for anyone who wants or needs to stay up to date with the latest and greatest that edelkrone offers.

Head over to edelkrone’s site for more information and check your eligibility for an upgrade. This offer isn’t valid in conjunction with limited-time “offers, final stock, or other special sales unless otherwise stated”.

Do you use edelkrone products on your shoots? What do you think about this upgrade program? Let us know in the comments below.

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