Edelkrone FlexTILT Head v3 Announced – a Tiny Foldable Tripod Head

Edelkrone FlexTILT Head v3 Announced - a Tiny Foldable Tripod Head

Motion Control manufacturer Edelkrone released their new generation FlexTILT Head v3, tripod head for compact cameras which folds down in a super small form factor.

Edelkrone not only produces motion control equipment but also makes accessories and tools for it. One of them is the FlexTILT Head, a tiny foldable tripod head that can go on tripods or directly on a flat surface.
This comes in handy when you want a lightweight and small setup or use motion control tech, where additional weight negatively impacts the performance.

According to Edelkrone, you can extend Dolly shots by up to 17cm/6.7″, because many sliders are seen in the frame if you dolly in or out.

Credit: Edelkrone

It has no buttons or knobs, it uses friction to hold its weight. This means faster operation, but also heavily limits the payload capacity to 2.5kg/5.5lbs.

For static shots, this is a fast and convenient tool to work with, but it is not meant for pan/tilt movement during recording. I would not consider this a worthy alternative to a fluid head, but if you need this small form factor or want to place your camera on a table, this is very helpful.

Changes to the old FlexTILT Head v2

But it looks pretty much identical to the old FlexTILT Head v2, so what changed compared to the previous generation?

The new generation is cheaper, now selling for €90/$99, instead of the previous €149/$149. The FlexTILT Head was copied by various other manufacturers, so I guess they had to adapt and reduce the price.

Edelkrone claims that One-Hand Operation is possible now. I suppose that the old version had stiffer connections, making it harder to move. I could not find more differences between the two models, but the previous model was already pretty popular and well thought out.

Two years ago Edelkrone presented the ORTAK program (including the FlexTILT Head 3D), an interesting co-manufacturing approach where Edelkrone supplies you with all the joints and complex parts and the buyer prints the actual body parts themselves with a 3D printer. This drastically reduced the price to €29/$29 (3D printing costs not included) and makes it more affordable for people who are ready to invest some additional effort in it. But you should keep in mind that the original FlexTILT Head is manufactured out of aluminum, not plastics.

Price and availability

The FlexTILT Head v3 is available right now on the official Edelkrone site for a price of €90 plus tax / $99.

What do you think of Edelkrone products, have you used them before? Let us know in the comments below!

More info on their website: Edelkrone

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