GoPro Karma Drone Announced – Alongside GoPro HERO 5 & More

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GoPro Karma Drone Announced - Alongside GoPro HERO 5 & More

After the Panasonic GH5 was launched today, here’s another impactful announcement. GoPro has gone all out. Introducing “Karma”, GoPro’s own move into the Drone market. GoPro Hero Black 5, a 4K capable sports camera, as well as its little cousin the GoPro Hero Session 5.

GoPro has been incredibly quiet the last couple of months. While they have been the go-to extreme-sports camera company for the last couple of years, companies such as Sony and DJI have been creeping in and taking away their market. Everybody has been asking, where are they? DJI have dropped GoPro as their entrance-level drone camera, and have built their own. Sony has targeted GoPro directly, with a small compact action-based camera system.

GoPro are on the counter-attack. It seems GoPro have done it again. Nick Woodman, Founder and CEO of GoPro introduced the new range of GoPRO products:

GoPro HERO 5


The new GoPro HERO 5 is a completely redesigned GoPro action camera introducing a lot of new features. The GoPro Hero Black 5 features a 12 megapixel /30fps burst timelapse camera. It can shoot 4K at 30fps, 1140p at 80fps and 1080p at 120fps. The new GoPro does not require an underwater housing, it is water-proof straight out of the box (up to 10m). With built-in image stabilisation, wifi, bluetooth and location capture and voice control (for 7 languages) and auto-upload feature to GoPro’s own cloud service this small camera is a power house. The 2″ touch display shows a simplified menu. To top it all off, RAW and WDR photos are now standard.

  • Voice control
  • No more case
  • 3 mics
  • Hardware Image Stabilization
  • Auto-upload video and photo into the cloud

The GoPro HERO 5 is the “GoPro they always wanted to make”. You can get your hands on a GoPro Hero Black 5 for just $399.

GoPro Session 5


The little cousin GoPro Hero Session 5 was also introduced. It features a 10 megapixel camera and can shoot 30fps in 4K, 80fps in 1440p and 90fps in 1080p. It also includes video Stabilisation, as well as GoPro’s new voice control. The GoPro Hero Session 5 is water-proof up to 10m as well.

  • Voice control
  • 4K Video
  • 1 button contro.
  • Wifi – Use smartphone to monitor GoPro Session

The GoPro Hero Session 5 will cost $299

GoPro Karma

The GoPro Karma Drone is GoPro’s very own DJI Phantom. It folds away into a really small form factor and uses the new GoPro HERO 5 to record your aerial footage.



GoPro Karma Announced by Nick Woodman, CEO of GoPro

Karma is so much more than a drone – Nick Woodman, CEO of GoPro

Karma will go on sale on October 23rd. It will cost $799 alone, $1,099 with a Hero 5, or $999 with a Hero 5 Session.

GoPro Karma Grip


GoPro Karma Grip is basically a DJI Osmo clone with a GoPro HERO 5 in it. What is nice is that the Karma Grip can be attached to traditional GoPro mounting accessories and thus turning your GoPro mount into a fully gimbal stabilized GoPro.

GoPro Plus and Quik App Editing Software


GoPro have started their own cloud based service, which allows your files to be automatically uploaded straight from your GoPro devices to your GoPro plus account.
Nick Woodman demonstrated how easy the editing is using a Quik Key, a device which allows the micro-sd card to be plugged straight into your iPhone. The footage is downloaded to your phone or tablet, and using a few clicks and selecting your favourite soundtrack, the Quik App automatically edits your shots to the beat and to a duration you choose.

How much GoPro’s cloud-based service subscription fee will be remains unknown for now.

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