Grass Valley EDIUS 9.30 Update

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The nonlinear editing application from Grass Valley – EDIUS – got an update to version 9.30. We talked with Alex from Grass Valley during IBC about the new features and about EDIUS moving to the cloud.

The EDIUS software from Grass Valley is a Windows-only nonlinear editor (NLE) particularly popular with broadcasters. Last year Gras Valley announced the EDIUS 9 during the IBC 2017 (our article with video can be found here).

The latest version 9.30 of the EDIUS editing solution was again announced during the IBC in Amsterdam. This update implements new features based on requests from filmmakers, TV stations and production companies. EDIUS 9 users can download the update to version 9.30 from 17th September 2018 for free as part of the regular feature expansion.

What is New in EDIUS 9.30

  • Closed caption display allows subtitles to be switched on and off as needed. For enhanced flexibility, the subtitles are not burned into the image but are part of the metadata in the video stream.
  • 50/60p timecode display. The frames are numbered from 0 to 49 or 59 respectively.
  • RED Raw decoding GPU support. In addition to Sony Raw and Canon Raw, EDIUS 9.30 now also provides full GPU acceleration for RED Raw.
  • Extended optical flow options. Already the EDIUS 8.30 was able to calculate convincing slow motion and frame rate conversions in real time. EDIUS 9.30 now also offers the opportunity to individually adapt various parameters in order to optimize the image analysis and interpolation of the respective image material. The result is a quality increase in slow motion and frame rate conversion.
  • Extension of the exporter. In addition to new added formats, the exporter now offers up to four standard settings instead of one. The user can thus export even faster in the typical formats used and also create keyboard shortcuts and buttons for these. This applies both to the individual file output and to the batch export, in which several files are exported at once.
  • Expanded format support. Support for H.265 from the new Canon XF705.
  • Coloured markers and other innovations. Additional colours for sequence and clip markers for better organization of the footage.

An overview of all the new features of the EDIUS 9.30 is included in this video:

More News Regarding EDIUS Platform

Originally announced at NAB 2018, Grass Valley accquired the Rio 4K, which is a high-end color grading application. The company will further develop Rio 4K together with EDIUS so users can expect closer cooperation between both platforms.

At IBC, Grass Valley also announced enhanced support for direct cloud editing for the EDIUS. Directly from the Amazon S3 storage users will be able to access the editing platform. This is a big step for the EDIUS NLE, because it will no longer be restricted to Windows OS users only. The cloud-based editing with EDIUS will be accessible from both Mac and Windows. The only requirement would be a good stable internet connection in order for the editing process to be smooth.

Grass Valley Promotional Deals

Grass Valley is now also offering couple of promotional deals.

First deal includes the video effects program ProDAD Vitascene V3 LE. Customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) who purchase EDIUS 9 from 14th September 2018 till the end of this year will receive the video effects program ProDAD Vitascene V3 LE (worth €167) as a free bonus. Existing EDIUS 9 customers have the possibility to buy Vitascene V3 LE for a discounted price of €39.

campaign for users who switch to EDIUS from another editing software. Users switching from another editing software can now buy EDIUS Pro 9 “Jump 2” for only €369. The prices are recommended retail prices plus local VAT.

The EDIUS website further informs about the requirements for the crossgrade offer, the new features in version EDIUS 9.30 as well as the media management tool Mync, which is contained in EDIUS.

Do you use EDIUS 9 for the post-production work? What do you think of the new update 9.30? Let us know in the comments below.

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