Inovativ Apollo Cart Gets Accessorised

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Inovativ Apollo Cart Gets Accessorised

Inovativ recently announced some new products to accompany their flagship heavy-duty cart. The new accessories take advantage of the more robust Apollo frame, offering up a monitor mounting system, pin and mast options as well as a neat under cart hi-hat stow.

Inovativ are well known in the industry for providing high quality & compact carts.

Earlier this year they announced the Apollo, their heaviest duty cart to date.

The Apollo differs from other Inovativ carts in that the newly designed masts are much more robust.

Most of the new accessories stem from these new uprights, therefore can be much more integral to the structure of the cart.

Insight Monitor Mounting System

The most significant announcement is the Insight Monitor Mounting System. Built for DITs and anyone needing a decent, mobile on-set monitoring solution.

The Insight system stems from two mast extensions linked via two rails.

Onto these rails you can add one, two, three monitor mounts as well as a baby pin attachment for accessories such as wireless receivers.

Monitors have the ability to tilt 90 degrees up & down, they can rotate 360 degrees and height adjustable in 4-inch increments.

Corner Plug with Baby Pin

This simple product replaces the existing lug in the top of any of the 4 Apollo masts.

It quickly provides you with a vertical baby pin, great for transporting a Director/Puller’s monitor, small light fixture or a platform for a laptop stand.

Two Stage Corner Mast Riser

Same as the Corner Plug with Baby Pin, the 2 Stage Corner Mast Riser can stem from any 4 corners, giving you an extendable mast up to 50 inches.

What’s nice about this over the existing Inovativ Mast Riser is the fact it is more robust (built into a cart upright) and much quicker to mount; the orange lever quickly releases the Corner Mast Riser for ease of stow.

Hi-Hat Rails

Last is the super simple but neat hi-hat rail kit. Utilising the space found underneath the cart between the wheels you can conveniently carry your hi-hat board.

Inovativ state “The Hi-Hat rails are designed to work with standard Hi-Hat boards.”

All the new bits are available now, along with Inovativs huge catalogue of existing accessories for their carts.

Have you ever considered buying your own camera cart? Do you think they’re useful to own, or rather rental items? Let us know in the comments below!

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