New INOVATIV AXIS Health Workstations for Post-Pandemic Sets

New INOVATIV AXIS Health Workstations for Post-Pandemic Sets

The new INOVATIV AXIS Health line of workstations and components to custom-build one is the latest innovation from Californa-based company INOVATIV. With AXIS Health, they are expanding their set-related portfolio of carts and other film and photography gear.

Since earlier this year, some new rules apply: wash your hands regularly, silently sing happy birthday twice while doing so, wear a face mask, keep your distance to others… you know the drill. But how to deal with now slowly re-opening workplaces like film sets for example? The new INOVATIV AXIS Health line of workstations might be a solution to this. At least, these products can help to keep up a good habit of cleaning your hands regularly and it provides workstations that are easily deployable. This is not film-exclusive gear. The INOVATIV AXIS Health line is designed to help with setting up checkpoints for live events, museums, and other places of high volume gatherings.


The INOVATIV AXIS Health lineup. Image credit: INOVATIV (edited by cinema5D)

Here’s Patrick Blewett, founder of INOVATIV, on the matter:

I am excited to release this fleet of post COVID-19 workstations and components. It’s my goal to assist productions, studios, and rental houses with a series of tools that will allow them to relaunch the industry as efficiently and safely as possible.

The AXIS Health system consists of many individual components that can be used to custom-build a vertical workstation but there are pre-built configurations on offer as well. Any of these workstations are designed to be mobile, they can be easily set up and collapsed for transport.


The AXIS lineup consists of several components, work surfaces, drawers, and stands. The first one (and probably most iconic in terms of COVID-19) is the so-called AXIS Shield, a mount for a sanitizing dispenser. With it, you can mount the dispenser on any stand, rod, or pole 2″ or less in diameter. There are two versions available: Shield and Shield QR (as in Quick Release).


The AXIS Shield QR (left), Shield (middle). Image credit: INOVATIV

With the regular version, the clamp is hard mounted to the back of the unit so you need tools to remove it. The QR version adds a quick release mount so you don’t need any tools here. This is especially convenient when the set is moving a lot and you need to break down stuff fast all the time. In more static environments the hard-mounted version might be more useful. The dispenser is not included but can be added during checkout. Other brands will fit as well, of course.

Next up, the INOVATIV AXIS Armor adds two compartments for gloves and face masks to the Shield. Again, both QR and standard versions are available and again, the unit fits any pole up to 2″ in diameter. The Armor is 6.75″ W x 5″ L x 6.50″ H (17,1 x 12,7 x 16,5 cm) in size, without a dispenser, and weights 9 lbs (4 kg).


The INOVATIV AXIS Armor QR (left), Armor (middle). Image credit: INOVATIV

AXIS Worksurface Lite

Last but not least, the INOVATIV AXIS Worksurface Lite (that’s a mouthful!). This component adds a surface for a laptop complete with cable management and a locking drawer. The surface sports an antimicrobial powder coat and the white finish helps with easy cleaning the unit.


The INOVATIV AXIS Workstation Lite with drawer (middle) and with optional 2U upgrade (right). Image credit: INOVATIV

The Worksurface Lite in its core is a modified Workstation Pro re-designed for meeting medical standards. The surface and the drawer lack the carpet, the rubber handles have been replaced with by tapered aluminum coated in antimicrobial powder coat. The surface itself has been flattened for easy cleaning and the cable management has been added. There is no front lip for easy typing. You still can order a 2U or even 4U upgrade for mounting additional gear below the surface instead of the standard locking drawer. One unit is 28″ W x 21″ L x 6″ H (71,1 x 53,3 x 15,2 cm) in size and weighs 28 lbs (12,7 kg).

Fully Assembled INOVATIV AXIS Health Workstations

There are three fully assembled workstations available, all of them contain some or all of the above components. First up, meet the INOVATIV AXIS Guardian. This workstation is the biggest one in the lineup and it consists of the Armor QR with a PURELL ES8 dispenser, the Worksurface Lite (with drawer), as well as an AXIS stand, a parallel dual monitor mount and 8-inch air-filled wheels with brakes.


INOVATIV AXIS Guardian. Image credit: INOVATIV

The whole unit is designed for portability. It is heavy-duty, sure, but the big wheels make it very easy to deploy this thing in any location. Furthermore, you can break down the whole unit into pieces easily for transportation. The Guardian is 40.25 × 26.25 × 20 in (100 x 66,7 x 51 cm) in size and it weighs 127 lbs (57,6 kg).

AXIS Checkpoint

Next up, the AXIS Checkpoint. This is a more static workstation since it lacks the wheels but it’s still very modular and easy deployable. It contains the AXIS Armor (non-QR) and the Worksurface Lite (with drawer) plus the AXIS Pedestal stand. You can order an optional pro monitor mount and the stand comes in either matte black or in white (with antimicrobial powder coat).


INOVATIV AXIS Checkpoint. Image credit: INOVATIV

The AXIS Checkpoint is 40.25 × 26.25 × 20 in (102 x 66,7 x 51 cm) and it weights 60lbs (27,2 kg).

AXIS Convoy

Lastly, the INOVATIV AXIS Health lineup offers a very portable unit for easy traveling: The AXIS Convoy. It packs down in a single Pelicase 1730 and consists of an Armor QR and a Worksurface Lite.


INOVATIV AXIS Convoy. Image credit: INOVATIV

The Pelican 1730 comes with collapsable handles and it rides on wheels so this unit is really made for portability when traveling a lot. Along with the Armor this unit comes with a PURELL ES8 dispenser. This unit can be purchased with or without the Pelican case. With it it’s 38″ W x 28″ L x 15″ H (96,5 x 71,1 x 38,1 cm) in size and it weighs 80 lbs (36,3 kg).

Pricing and Availability

INOVATIV’s AXIS Health products are available to purchase immediately in the USA. Worldwide availability should start in a few weeks and shipping is slated for August 2020. Here’s a rough overview of pricing. Please refer to INOVATIV’s own website for specific details and add-ons.

  • Shield (standard): $120 / Shield (QR): $270
  • Armor (standard): $340 / Armor (QR): $494
  • Worksurface Lite (drawer): $900 / with 2U upgrade: $880 / with 4U upgrade: $955
  • Guardian: $2,930
  • Checkpoint: $1,784
  • Convoy (with Pelicase): $2,230 / without Pelicase: $1,830
  • PURELL ES8 dispenser with 2x 1200ml refills: $155
  • 2 x 1200ml Refills PURELL ES8: $120
  • 1 box of (50 pair) microflex nitrile gloves (black): $17
  • 1 box of (80 pieces) disposable face masks: $48

These units are quality-made, no-compromise high-end units, hence these price tags. I think these are more targeted at rental houses, bigger production companies, large cooperations, event companies, and such. But still, it’s a good idea to think about hygiene these days. So maybe INOVATIV has identified a market niche that is worth covering in post-pandemic times.


What do you think? How should productions handle hygiene on set these days? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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