Kessler KillShock – Shock Absorbing Isolator Plate for Your Camera

Kessler KillShock - Shock Absorbing Isolator Plate for Your Camera

The Kessler Killshock is a configurable isolator plate designed to work with moving vehicles for moving vehicles.

Kessler, best known for cranes, jibs and motion control sliders announces the Killshock, an isolator plate for vehicle mounted camera systems.

An isolator plate by definition is two base plates that are attached by an array of cables. The top (or bottom in underslung mode) is suspended to provide a shock-absorbing base for your camera setup.

Coupling an isolator plate with a gimbal makes a staple vehicle camera configuration.
Whilst they are most popular for car setups, you can mount ’em on what ever you want – buggies, boats, RC controlled cars.

The Kessler Killshock offers a variety of different camera plates – 100mm, Mitchell Mount, MōVI mount, Ronin 2, and Flat Cheesplates are all available.

There are also 3 different shock modules that work in multiple configurations for different payloads:

“You can see Killshock set up with 8 Shock Modules but it can also be set up with 3, 4, and 6. There are 3 types of Shock Modules to choose from, Light Duty (Blue), Medium Duty (Red), and Heavy Duty (black). This translates into 98 possible combinations for the Killshock and the ability to perfectly balance your system for any camera or gimbal package.”

  • Blue Light Duty: DSLR, smaller Digital Cine Cameras or hard mounted camera without a gimbal
  • Red Medium Duty/Standard: RED, Canon C300, heavy DLSRs with Cine primes with a gimbal like a MoVI M5/M10/M15/Pro, Ronin/Ronin M/Ronin MX
  • Black Heavy Duty: RED, Alexa Mini, Ursa Mini Pro, Phantom Flex, etc. package with cine zoom, heavy primes and a large gimbal like a MoVI XL or Ronin 2

A Pre-production unit went to New York based filmmaker Cameron Michael, who tried it out with the MōVI XL

This shot is from a 75 LB MōVI XL rig mounted to the roof of a car going 35-40mph at 65mm.

“It handles the MōVI Pro no problem whatsoever, so we decided to push it even further with a fully loaded MŌVI XL …75 LBS [in] weight… The footage is stable up to 250mm and, with some fine tuning, will easily go to 300mm [focal length]. I’m insanely impressed.” Cameron Michael

Pre-orders are starting next week, at a price of $1,199.95

All pictures courtesy of Kessler Crane Instagram

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