Kinefinity Terra 4K Gets New Firmware to Record 4K 160FPS and 2K 320FPS

Kinefinity Terra 4K Gets New Firmware to Record 4K 160FPS and 2K 320FPS

Kinefinity’s Terra 4K cinema camera will get a new free firmware update in May 2019. The update will increase frame rates for slow motion modes – in 4K the camera will record up to 160fps and in 2K up to 320fps.

The Chinese cinema camera manufacturer Kinefinity has been making quite a name in the industry for the last few years, as their products offer features and specs at unbeatable prices. While Kinefinity now mainly focuses on their MAVO LF cinema camera with large format (full frame) sensor, they still did not forget about their entry-level camera, the Terra 4K.

Kinefinity Terra 4K Firmware Update

The Kinefinity Terra 4K is a Sub-S35 cinema camera (crop factor 1.85) with a very compact body. The company has now announced that the camera will get a new firmware update in May 2019. This update will be available for free and will significantly enhance the slow motion recording capabilities of the camera.

In 4K, the camera will soon be capable of 160 frames per second (previously 100 fps). Kinefinity did not announce the exact maximum resolution for the new slow motion mode, but I guess it will be the same as with the current 100fps mode, which is available at up to 4096×1720 resolution (2.38:1 aspect ratio).

In 2K, the Terra 4K will be capable of 320fps (previously 240fps). Again, I assume the exact maximum resolution will stay the same as with the current 240fps mode – 2048×860. The picture will be cropped to “sub S16” mode.

Both slow motion recording modes are currently available in ProRes or RAW and I assume this will remain the case for the new frame rates, as well.

Kinefinity Terra

Let’s take a quick glance at some other specs of the Kinefinity Terra 4K:

  • Maximum resolution of the 3:2 CMOS sensor (open gate) is 4096×2700 available up to 50fps
  • 13+ stops of Dynamic Range
  • Recording to 2.5″ SSDs with 7mm height
  • Dual native ISO of 800 and 3,200
  • Native lens mount is the KineMOUNT and it accepts PL/EF/Sony E lenses via adapters
  • Very compact size: 4.5×4.3×3.7″ / 115x110x95 mm
  • Lightweight body: 2.1 lb / 990 g

Perhaps, one of the most interesting aspects of the Terra 4K is its price – body only costs US$4,000.

Kinefinity is present at this year’s NAB (booth C11535), where they will introduce their cinema cameras and new products, like the OLED viewfinder and 7″ monitor.

Link: Kinefinity

What do you think of the new firmware update for the Kinefinity Terra 4K? Do you have any experience with Kinefinity cameras? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.

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