Lindsey Optics Diopter Set – Diopter +1 Now Fits In Single Tray

March 11th, 2019 Jump to Comment Section
Lindsey Optics Diopter Set - Diopter +1 Now Fits In Single Tray

Lindsey Optics has announced an update to their super speedy Brilliant² Tray Mount Close-Up lens. The +1 Diopter now has the profile of just a single tray.

In July last year we highlighted the Tray Mount Diopter Set – a product that combines a 138mm diopter filter with conventional 4X6.65” tray mount.

Combining the filter and tray saves time on set; switching between diopter stages can be quite a time consuming task for camera assistants.

Lindsey Optics has now refined the +1 diopter into a single stage, meaning it now aligns with the lesser +1/4 and +1/2 increments:

+¼ / +½ +1 – Thickness of 1 stage
+2 – Thickness of 2 stages
+3 – Thickness of 3 stages

It’s fairly significant as many matteboxes are 2-3 stages. Conventional diopter trays are 2 stages, meaning only one is left for other filtration.

Magnifications up to +1 are generally the more popular choice with diopters, +2 or more is generally considered for more specific purposes.

So with the Lindsey Optics Diopter set you’re now mostly using just a single stage for diopters, leaving one for ND and one spare for creative (Black Pro Mist etc).

Freeing up a bit of time and a mattebox tray stage are nice little on-set wins; they all add up on the day.

Links below for full set kits as well as single +1 stage.

Are you using diopters or are you looking into it? Let us know in the comments below!

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