Litepanels Gemini – Flicker-Free Soft Light with 360° Colour Control

September 15th, 2017

The Litepanels Gemini offers true bi-colour LED soft lighting with complete colour control, DMX and Bluetooth – all with complete flicker-free operation.

The Litepanels Gemini lighting fixture comes in a 2×1 configuration, pumping out 325 Watts of soft light through accurate daylight and tungsten LEDs. Ambient colour temperature can be finely adjusted using plus/minus green control for matching existing light sources. The colour temperature will remain constant while dimming, operating flicker-free at any shutter angle or frame rate.

The light operates in a number of ways: CCT mode (colour correlated temperature) allows bi-colour mixing between 2700K and 6000K with a +/- green bias. The HSI mode allows complete colour control through the 360 degree colour wheel, with independent intensity and saturation. Lastly is gel selection, with the lights built in with a number of Lee and Rosco gels, but is completely customizable.

The Gemini light can also be configured in master replica mode, allowing users to control multiple fixtures simultaneously.

When creative lighting is needed, the Gemini can provide any colour via the 360° colour wheel, while still rating in the top 5% on the TLCI (97% daylight and 99% tungsten). Colour temperature and gel presets can be stored in a bank of six, which are quickly accessible from the rear of the fixture where a display also shows the current light settings.

Litepanels Gemini

The light can be controlled manually via wired DMX, and wirelessly with the DMX dongle or Bluetooth module. This links with the Litepanels SmartLite app, where you can control and link together up to ten fixtures simultaneously. Colour and brightness settings can be saved as presets for fast adjustment in the studio or on set, and can be quickly controlled via the app too.

As for power and energy efficiency, the Gemini has a built-in power supply and can be battery powered for on-location setups. Thermal management allows the fixtures to stay cool, which is beneficial when working in small spaces or when you need to de-rig quickly. More developments are in mind to add Anton Bauer battery solutions, so we may see this appear in the future too.

The Litepanels Gemini is a slim and versatile fixture that can be used to light a variety of setups both in a studio and on location. Accessories such as honeycombs and barn doors allow for shaping and controlling of the light, too. Versatility is definitely the word to describe this feature, at around 22lbs it is lightweight, the temperature control keeps it very cool, and they can be banked together. It’s an all in one lighting fixture that can be used on the go and in more permanent studio locations.

Coming in at over $4K, the Litepanels Gemini is rather expensive in comparison to other soft bank LED lights, but a fixture is still $1,200 cheaper than the ARRI SC-60 Skypanel.

Could the Litepanels Gemini satisfy your creative lighting needs for your shoots? Let us know in the comments.


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