MASV Panel – File Transfer System Now Integrated Into Adobe Premiere Pro

July 29th, 2019
MASV Panel - File Transfer System Now Integrated Into Adobe Premiere Pro

MASV Panel integrates the MASV file transfer service right into Adobe’s Premiere Pro, while maintaining the same speed and reliability. This enables users to send full Premiere projects, project sequences, or files from the bin with a few clicks. It is possible to export sequences to Media Encoder, and then automatically send the output files without the need to wait for them to render.

MASV Panel – integrating file transfers into Premiere Pro

MASV is an online service for delivering huge files (in fact, unlimited file sizes) over the internet. It is based on a pay-per-transfer model, to be precise, pay-per-download at the moment. In May 2019, my colleague Olaf, a long-time MASV user, published his MASV 3 review. Make sure to check it if you are interested in such a service.

MASV’s creators are expanding the service with new features quite often. Recently, they added Slack integration, new desktop apps, and the ability to extend the 10-day delivery limit. For more information about the update, please read this article.

Within this article, I will take a look at the latest update, which has brought MASV Panel – the Adobe Premiere Pro integration with the MASV service. What exactly does MASV Panel offer?

MASV Panel – Sending Huge Files Directly from Premiere Pro

With MASV Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro you can send full Premiere projects, project sequences, or files from your bin with a few clicks. When sending project sequences, MASV Panel enables selecting any export preset, exporting the sequences to Media Encoder, and then automatically sending the output files without the need to wait for them to render.

MASV Panel uses the same code base as the MASV desktop application, which provides highly reliable transfers. It is no problem to change wifi locations, put the computer in sleep mode in the middle of a transfer, or work while using an unreliable cafe network.

MASV runs on Amazon Web Services, which – according to MASV’s creators – offers high security trusted by large companies. The transferred and stored data is encrypted and complies with GDPR privacy guidelines.

Sending files with MASV Panel

The MASV Panel comes as part of the MASV membership, for no additional cost. The membership itself is free – MASV charges you $0.25 per gigabyte of data downloaded. The standard availability timeframe of transfers is 10 days. To extend the availability, you can pay $0.10 per gigabyte per month. More information on pricing can be found here.

Do you already use MASV? How do you like it? Did you ever need to send an entire Premiere Pro project to someone via the internet? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.

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 Walter Vargas
Walter Vargas
August 2nd, 2019

So Adobe crams another unasked-for “feature” into a desperately out-of-control product that still can’t perform basic functions properly. For example, the very utility that you need to gather up the footage you used on a project, Project Manager, inexplicably fails a good portion of the time. This leaves you with no way to round up the files you used in your edit. It’s unbelievable:

Then there’s still no way to reconnect all the footage in your project. For example, if you DO manage to round up the clips you used, color-correct them (in Resolve, say) and then export the corrected versions with the exact same filenames and lengths… there’s no way to replace the non-CCed clips with the CCed ones in Premiere. So you have to resort to hokey tricks like hiding the original files in some distant directory and renaming the directory that your color-corrected ones are in. WTF? How is such a fundamental part of finishing so grossly unsupported in any NLE, let alone a mature one?

Oh yeah, and Premiere doesn’t support vector graphics… not even the ones Adobe invented! So you can’t have resolution-independent assets (like text or maps) that you can zoom into. Unbelievable.

Remember when Adobe tried to excuse their “rental” model by saying it would fund the fixing of bugs more rapidly?

HA HA. Somebody check to see if Ajit Pai sits on their board.

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