Matthews Middle MAX Menace Boom Arm Released – Compact and Heavyweight

Matthews Middle MAX Menace Boom Arm Released - Compact and Heavyweight

Matthews recently released a new member to their MAX family of booming support stands with the introduction of the Middle MAX Menace. This arm has a maximum reach of 12ft/3.66m and a payload capacity of 36kg/80 lbs when fully extended while still being compact enough to fit into a van. So, let’s take a closer look at it!

Matthews Studio Equipment—also known as MSE—is an American grip company that started in the industry in 1968. For decades, the company has been making light stands, dollies, lighting controls, and many grip bits and pieces built to last a lifetime.

Last year, MSE released a Mini Boom rolling kit designed for lightweight fixtures and lighting modifiers. While this is an excellent compact boom, if you need to place heavier fixtures, cameras, or lighting modifiers with a more extended reach, Matthews released the Middle MAX Menace, a heavy-duty boom arm with an impressive reach and payload capacity.

Matthews Middle MAX Menace – features

Let’s start by saying that for one-man-band filmmakers, the Matthews Middle MAX Menace is probably not for you. Indeed, with a weight of 200 lbs/91kg, this boom arm is made entirely of metal and is a heavy beast. Also, while it can fit in small vans, the Middle MAX Menace still has a stored height of 162.5cm/64in.

The Middle MAX Menace boom arm can roll on set
The Middle MAX Menace boom arm can roll on set. Image credit: Matthews

However, once the Middle MAX Menace is out of your van/truck, you can roll it on set with the two 10″x3″ puncture-proof tires and steering handle.

When the arm reaches its destination, you can unfold and extend the boom arm. The last thing you want with this kind of boom arm is for it to tip over. To solve that problem, counterweight poles are placed over the tires to stabilize and anchor the boom arm.

According to Matthews, the Middle MAX Menace can reach a maximum height of 18ft/5.49m with the 6ft/1.81m extension arm. If you don’t use the extension arm, the Middle MAX Menace has a 12ft/3.65m reach and a maximum payload capacity of 80 lbs/36.3kg.

The Matthews Middle MAX Menace boom arm
Image credit: Matthews

Furthermore, Matthews mentions that it is “capable of supporting mounted equipment up to 6ft/1.83m below grade, meaning that it can support gear 6ft/1.83m lower than the roofline or balcony it is standing on.”

You’ll find a self-leveling head with a baby pin and junior receiver at the end of the Middle MAX Menace boom arm. You can lock the head in three different positions/angles.

Price and availability

The Matthews Middle MAX Menace boom arm is available on their website now for $6000.

For more information, please visit Matthews’ website here.

What do you think about this heavy-duty boom arm? Do you often use boom arms on set? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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