Matthews Mini Boom Rolling Kit Introduced – Effortlessly Place Lights Anywhere

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Matthews Mini Boom Rolling Kit Introduced - Effortlessly Place Lights Anywhere

Matthews introduced the Mini Boom Rolling Kit, which includes a rolling base with lockable wheels, an extending C-Stand riser, a boom arm for positioning your lights overhead without the stand encroaching on the frame, and a sandbag to stabilize the whole construction. Let’s take a look at this solution in a bit more detail.

Many of you probably know the issue of having to place a light in a position where a regular light stand would be visible in the shot. Inspired by photographer Jeremy Saffer, this Mini Boom Rolling Kit consists of several components that make the placement and rearrangement of the lights effortless.

Mini Boom Rolling Kit components

The Mini Boom Rolling Kit consists of the following Matthews parts:

  • Matthews Runway base with 3 lockable smooth-rolling casters
  • Matthews 40” C+ Riser with 3 sections that can extend from 45.5” (116cm) to 110.5” (280cm)
  • Matthews Mini MatthBoom Arm with 3 telescoping sections with a range from 45” (115cm) to over 80” (203cm)
  • Matthews 10 pound (4.5kg) Boa Bag for stabilizing the base or boom

Of course, all components can also be used individually or combined in different configurations. Both the C+ Riser and the Mini MatthBoom Arm are equipped with a 5/8″ Baby Pin for attaching lights and accessories. Additionally, the Boom Arm features a hook at its rear end to hang a sandbag or other counterweights.

Matthews Runway Rolling light stand base
Matthews Runway rolling light stand base. Image credit: Matthews

The rolling base supports light fixtures up to 250lbs (113kg) and features a Posi-V-Lock Junior Receiver for attaching the C+Riser and other components.

High-quality materials

All metal components utilize top-grade industrial materials including steel components which are welded, coated, polished, and assembled. Furthermore, the C-Stand riser features ergonomic T-handles, steel-reinforced threaded collars, and a knurled 5/8” Baby Pin featuring a 3/8”-16 threaded tip. The Mini MattBoom Arm is constructed from steel to maintain rigidity.

Matthews Mini MatthBoom telescoping arm
Matthews Mini MatthBoom telescoping arm. Image credit: Matthews

All 3 non-marking wheels can be individually locked in position and rotation. These products are manufactured and quality-controlled in California at Matthews Burbank headquarters.

Cost and availability

The Matthews Mini Boom Rolling Kit costs $816 USD and is available for pre-order now at B&H (see our buy box).

You can find more information about this product on the Matthews website.

Do you own Matthews products for rigging your lights? Which solution have you used so far to rig lights with the need to hide the light stand? What do you think about the Mini Boom Rolling Kit? Let us know your opinion and experience in the comments below!

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