Meike 75mm T2.1 Released – S35 Cinema Prime Lens for EF and PL-Mount

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Meike 75mm T2.1 Released – S35 Cinema Prime Lens for EF and PL-Mount

Meike recently introduced a new cine lens to their Super35 mm lineup: the new Meike 75mm T2.1. This prime lens comes in both EF and PL-mount options and it is now available for purchase at a pre-sale price of $599.

Lens manufacturer Meike has been particularly prolific lately. In fact, the Chinese company has released a series of full-frame and S35 lenses over the last year and many others should be on their way soon.

Their Super35 mm lineup already includes a 35mm T2.1 and a 50mm T2.1. This family is now growing thanks to the introduction of this new 75mm T2.1 glass. Let’s take a closer look.

Meike 75mm T2.1 S35 with lens cap
Meike 75mm T2.1 S35. Source: Meike

Meike 75mm T2.1: designed for S35 sensors

This new cinema prime lens produces an image circle of 33.6mm, enough to cover the Super35 mm format. Its fast transmission of T2.1 should provide good performances even in low-light environments. The lens is fully manual, it features a cinematic re-housing and it’s currently available in both EF and PL-Mount.

Meike 75mm T2.1 S35
Meike 75mm T2.1 S35. Source: Meike

Meike 75mm T2.1: optical design

The optical scheme of the lens features 13 elements in 11 groups. The glass is treated with a multi-layer coating for improved optical performance. Moreover, the 13-blades fast aperture should provide a nice, smooth bokeh.

The lens looks promising on paper and is quite definitely a good option for those filmmakers who are now approaching the world of cine lenses. However, we’re curious to see how it performs in real life.

Meike 75mm T2.1 S35 back view
Meike 75mm T2.1 S35. Source: Meike

Cinematic design

This fully manual lens comes with a cine housing straight out of the factory. Indeed, the focus and iris rings have standard 0.8 MOD gears for easily attaching lens accessories.

Moreover, focus markers are expressed in both imperial and metric systems to meet all users’ needs. The minimal focus distance on this lens is set at 70 cm.

Furthermore, the lens has an all-metal construction, a front diameter of 80mm as well as a 77mm filter thread.

Focus markers
Meike 75mm T2.1 S35. Source: Meike

Key features

  • EF or PL-Mount
  • Compatible with Super35 mm cameras (image circle of 33.6mm)
  • Manual focus
  • Aperture range: T2.1-22
  • 13 elements in 11 groups
  • 13-blades iris
  • Minimum focus distance: 0.7m
  • Filter thread: 77mm
  • Geared iris and focus rings
  • Size: 85.5 × 98.5mm (PL Mount)
  • Weight: 970g

Price and availability

As announced by Meike, other S35 lenses will be released in the future to complete the S35 lineup. This list should include a 18mm T2.1, a 25mm T2.1, and a 100mm T2.1. Make sure to follow along as we cover future announcements.

The Meike 75mm T2.1 is currently only available for purchase on Meike’s website at a pre-sale price of $599. However, you can still find the 35mm T2.1 and the 50mm T2.1 at B&H. The 75mm should start shipping in the middle of November.

Are you looking for a cine lens kit for your Super35 mm camera? Check out the Meike S35 Cine Lens lineup and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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