Moodelizer – Fingertip Customizable Music For Your Films

Moodelizer - Fingertip Customizable Music For Your Films

Looking for some licensable music? Struggling to find that perfect track and don’t have the budget for a custom score? Moodelizer may just be the app for you. With its Dynamic Playback function, you can fully customize a tracks intensity, variation, end & drop points to suit your edit.

Music selection can be a long and tiresome process in filmmaking; even when you find the perfect sounding track, it can be hard to line up the intensity builds, tempo, and end point of the music with your edit.

Having your soundtrack custom scored can be a great solution, but often an expensive and inefficient process. Moodelizer offers instant customization to your music selection; at the drag of a slider, you add intensity and variation, as well as timing drops and crescendos specifically to your current edit points.


Moodelizer is a monthly fee package that is a stand-alone piece of software. Add in your edited project, and use the theme selection bin to find a suitable sounding track.


The Dynamic Playback function will enable live mapping on your music track to match your edit. Alliteratively you can add in keyframes on the timeline and time stretch parts of your track to match your edit.

How well does it work? You can try it for yourself on the Moodelizer website.

This could be a great solution for certain project genres, many a time I’ve spent hours trying to blend multiple parts of a track together to meet significant edit points of my project.

Of course, software like this relies on a good track library. Pro access gives you around 100 tracks if the website is anything to go by, with a promise of regular updates in the future.

Moodelizer has a good selection of quick and easy to watch tutorials to get you set up.

Back in December, we posted an article on Filmstro that uses a similar automated technique.

It’s great to see new technology like this coming out; it’s time and cost saving tools like this that can prove invaluable to filmmakers, meaning creative efforts can be saved for other important aspects of your production.

Moodelizer offers a free trail and two subscription services, starting from $19 a month.

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