Audiio LinkMatch AI Released – Search for Music With the Help of AI

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Audiio LinkMatch AI Released – Search for Music With the Help of AI, the music licensing platform, has released LinkMatch AI, a new search tool that allows users to find music faster than with traditional search engines. Let’s have a look at what it can do. has grown lately and positioned itself as one of the leading stock music licensing platforms, reaching interesting numbers (2 million projects across 150 countries). Brands like Nike, Patagonian, and Starbucks have licensed their music thanks to a growing catalog featuring indie musical artists. 

We need music and we need it fast

In a world where we need our videos finished by yesterday, music licensing platforms have become the primary option for content creators to musicalize our projects. The solution is convenient and affordable since having original music increases the final cost, and it’s not always possible. Gone are the days when filmmakers had to wrack their brains to find decent licensed music across the internet. Platforms, like Audiio, have helped creators find high-quality tracks at an affordable price under different models (subscription and paying per track are the most popular). 

However, as a musician and a user of such platforms, I have usually found that some things could be improved when looking for music. Maybe because I have a specific track in mind and can’t find something similar, sometimes the search process takes me more time than the editing itself. On some occasions, after hours of fighting with the search engines, I have chosen a track that is not even remotely similar to my original idea, changing the video feeling in the end. Other times, I have gone ahead and composed a track myself, like this ‘Song for Saso’, to prevent myself from going crazy looking for music without success. 

Another area for improvement with these search engines is the need for more relevance in some categories. What is the difference between a ‘food’, ‘travel’, or ‘corporate’ track, musically speaking? Ultimately, I have to stick to categories like ‘genre’ or ‘mood’, which repeatedly give you the same tracks despite having huge catalogs. I am sure you have found hundreds of different commercials and videos online with the same track (one you have used).

 Anyway, these are only my thoughts, but I would love to read your opinion on this.

The new LinkMatch AI can save us time by matching our source links – Source: Audiio

Could LinkMatch AI be the solution?

LinkMatch AI searches for music by introducing a URL from YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, Apple Music, or SoundCloud. After analyzing the link, the engine recommends similar matches from the catalog. 

Artificial intelligence analyzes the source in real-time in about 15 seconds, drastically reducing search time compared to traditional methods. LinkMatch AI uses advanced algorithms to ensure relevant results and tracks that are similar to those we provide. Another advantage of AI technology is that the search engine improves the more a customer uses it. We can also ignore the vocals and fine-tune our search to the background music.

We know Creators have many options for music licensing, and we are relentlessly pursuing catalog quality and product innovation that will fundamentally improve how filmmakers discover relevant music.

Josh Read, CEO and creator of Audiio

I tested LinkMatch AI before writing this article, and it works well for my needs. The three times I introduced a source, the system gave me music tracks similar in mood and harmony, matching what I was looking for. One of my searches was Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Go Your Own Way’, and I chose this track from those proposed by LinkMatch AI (it was the third I listened to, and all of them were pretty accurate). 

‘The Ghost Got Loose’, by Rocko Wheeler was a perfect fit for one of my searches. – Source: Audiio

This AI solution is time-saving, mainly as the music catalog continues to grow, and the AI engine refines its search. is constantly increasing its catalog and working on new features to improve the user’s experience, like AI-powered keyword search, Similar Song AI recommendation engine, and a mobile app. 

Price and availability works by subscription with different packages aimed at content creators, professionals, enterprises, etc. 

The Pro package, which includes the LinkMatch AI tool, covers personal clients and small teams and usually costs $199 billed annually, but they now have a 70% discount for the first year at $59.

For other packages, please visit the website.

You can also test their LinkMatch AI search engine here.

What do you think about AI search engines? Do you think they will be the solution for stock music platforms? Let us know in the comments!

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