Adobe Premiere Pro 24 Released – Enhanced Speed, New AI Functionality, and More

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Adobe Premiere Pro 24 Released - Enhanced Speed, New AI Functionality, and More

Adobe has just released Premiere Pro 24. Its new features incorporate AI tools for audio, a faster editing experience, and peace of mind for editors thanks to its Recovery mode.

With this update, Premiere takes care of the more tedious tasks to let us focus on the creative part, thanks to a more user-friendly workflow and time-saving tools. Let’s look at what’s new in this new version of Premiere Pro!

A faster editing experience

One of the problems with most NLE is the progressive slowing down as projects become more complex and incorporate more clips, effects, and edits. In this new Premiere Pro 2024, Adobe announces a timeline experience five times faster than the previous versions. A more responsive interface, especially noticeable with CPU-intensive effects like Lumetri, makes the editing experience smoother.

Text-based editing features

Premiere Pro 2024 combines tools for transcribing audio automatically from a specific channel or a mix of them. With new controls included, now we can delete all the pauses, low-confidence words, etc. Previously released in a beta version, this feature simplifies editing interviews.

The Transcript tab makes dialogue editing easier. Image source: Adobe

Color settings

Adobe has pulled together many color options previously spread over different menus, making it easy to figure out where they are. In the new version, those options are under the Settings tab in Lumetri Color.

New audio features

In previous Premiere versions, we manually selected audio clips and assigned them a tab. The new Audio Auto-Tag feature distributes them into Dialogue, Music, SFX, or Ambience, giving automatic access to menus with specific tools for each category.

Adobe has also incorporated an AI feature (Enhance Speech) to improve the sound quality of our dialogues. Although still in a beta version, it looks very promising and practical.

The new Auto-Tag feature. Image credit: Jose Prada/CineD

Effects manager

This new feature helps us organize third-party plugins. Here, we can select and deselect them to avoid incompatibilities and system instability. This means we don’t need to delete or uninstall them if we don’t want to.

New recovery mode

Adobe has added a Photoshop feature to Premiere Pro 2024. With the update, if a project crashes and the program quits unexpectedly (that lovely message), we can reopen the project where we left off and know all our work has been kept safe. Of course, we can also restore a previous version if we need it.

The Color Settings tab shows the color options at a glance. Image source: Adobe

Create templates from projects

In Premiere Pro 2024, we can create templates from our projects. This option lets us organize them with the same bin structure, colors, assets, etc.

More updates

  • New support for HEVC and H264 hardware acceleration on Intel Discrete Graphics Cards
  • Hardware acceleration for R3D on Windows
  • Retain custom destinations in Export mode
  • SRT support
  • Disabling Tape-based workflows
  • Get help and provide feedback quicker

Price and availability

The new Premiere Pro 2024 is now available on Adobe’s website and their Cloud app, starting at US$20.99/month.

What do you think about these new features in Premiere Pro 2024? Will you use them to make your editing experience more pleasant and efficient? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below!


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