More rumors on Canons Nov. 3rd event

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As you know the day after tomorrow Canon will hold a media event at the Paramount Studios in Hollywood.
They call it “historic” and all the rumors point to a very satisfying new product, or in fact several of those!

Here’s what canonrumors wrote:

“I was also told that we’ll see at least two compact cine lenses, and possibly a third”

– Price: sub $15,000 – possible down to $10,000
– Image quality: Alexa good
– SDI outs
– XLRs (audio)
– Piviting & detachable monitors and grips
– PL mount and EF mount options
– Resolution – 4k capture, 2k recording
via PhotoLifeToys

There will be no DSLR announcement on November 3, 2011. This is a video only announcement. However, there could be “EF” and “EOS” branding involved.
I was told Vincent Laforet has been shooting promo material with the new camera in the Los Angeles area. However, he was NOT shooting with a DSLR.

Unfortunately cinema5D is too far away from the event (we’re based in Austria), but we’ll get all the coverage we can find, I’m sure there’ll be plenty.

The event will be held on November 3rd at 5pm UTC (10pm GMT).

Don’t forget RED. They announced that they’d be announcing the final specs of the Scarlet camera, in a way a direct competitor to the rumored Canon cinema camera(s).

I read that orders for the Scarlet start on Nov 3rd at 7pm PST (Nov 4th 2am GMT), so we Europeans will have to stay up late that day. What a rush.

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