NANLITE FS-150B and FS-200B Announced – Bi-Color LED Spotlights with Bowens Mount

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NANLITE FS-150B and FS-200B Announced - Bi-Color LED Spotlights with Bowens Mount

NANLITE FS-150B and FS-200B are new bi-color LED spotlights capable of CCT output between 2700 and 6500K, Bowens mount, umbrella mount, built-in power supply, and control module, 12 effects, and high CRI and TLCI rating. The lights are available now for $259 and $349 respectively.

After previously launching a few daylight LED spotlights in the FS series, this year, the Chinese lights manufacturer NANLITE focused on bi-color FS line lamps. We have already talked about the FS-300B announced in June 2022, followed by the compact and lightweight FS-60B in September.

Sticking to the FS-line expansion, NANLITE now adds two new COB spotlights with Bowens mount – the FS-150B and FS-200B. As the names already hint – both are bi-color and the only difference is the maximum output. Let’s take a look at the new lights.

NANLITE FS-150B and FS-200B

The NANLITE FS-150B is rated at 175W and it weighs 2.3kg (5.07 lbs) without the reflector. The stronger FS-200B is rated at 220W ad comes in at 2.6kg (5.73 lbs). The included reflector adds 0.2kg (0.44 lbs) of weight.

FS-200B LED spotlight. Source: NANLITE

When it comes to output strength, the FS-150B maxes out at 26300 lux whereas the FS-200B can achieve up to 29490 lux (measured at 1m distance, with reflector, at 5600K). NANLITE provided a full table with output measurements with different light shapers attached and measured at three different distances – 1m, 3m, and 5m.

FS-150B and FS-200B output measurements. Source: NANLITE

NANLITE claims both lamps perform very well when it comes to color rendition. They feature a CRI average of 96 and a TLCI average of 97 throughout the whole CCT range (2700-6500K). When it comes to temperature changes in CCT mode, the lamps feature two modes of operation:

  • Maximum output – the light will always offer maximum output (given the dimmer position) in any selected temperature. That means that the middle temperature value will be brighter than both ends as the whole chip is lit.
  • Constant output – the output will remain constant even when changing the light temperature in CCT mode.
FS-200B LED spotlight. Source: NANLITE

Like with all new LED lights, the NANLITE FS spotlights include a handful of special effects that utilize the bi-color output. There are 12 different effects: CCT loop, INT loop, flash, pulse, storm, TV, paparazzi, candle/fire, bad bulb, fireworks, explosion, and welding. NANLITE claims each effect can be tweaked.

FS-150B LED spotlight. Source: NANLITE

The lights include both power supply and control modules inside the lamp body to make the whole setup more compact. The control interface at the back consists of two knobs, a mode button, an on/off switch, and a status display. Apart from onboard control, the lights also support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dual connection for wireless control via remote controller (WS-RC-C2) and NANLINK app, even in groups. At the back of the light, there is a USB type-A port for future firmware updates.

As NANLITE claims, both lamps are cooled down by a low-noise fan. For sound-sensitive sets, the lights also offer a completely silent fan-less mode, but when activated, the maximum output is only 15%.

FS-150B and FS-200B compatible modifiers. Source: NANLITE

When it comes to accessories, both the FS-150B and FS-200B come with an industry-standard Bowens mount and an umbrella mount. The light can therefore be shaped in various ways using either NANLITE or third-party modifiers.

Price and availability

Both NANLITE FS-150B and FS-200B are available now. The FS-150B will retail for $259 and the stronger FS-200B will set you back $349. Each lamp comes with a reflector, 4.5m power cable, COB protective cap, and user manual.

FS-150B and FS-200B package contents. Source: NANLITE

Do you use NANLITE lights for your projects? How satisfied are you with the NANLINK app? What do you think about the new NANLITE FS-150B and FS-200B? Let us know in the comments section underneath the article.

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