NANLITE Forza 720B Explained – Strong Bi-color COB Light

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NANLITE Forza 720B (bi-color 2700-6500K) and Forza 720 (daylight 5600K) are the company’s strongest COB lights yet. The 720B offers 84.460 lux at a 1-meter distance when using the included 45° reflector and it can now be pre-ordered for $1849.

Almost a month ago, the Chinese lighting company NANLITE announced its strongest COB lights yet – the Forza 720 (daylight 5600K version) as well as the Forza 720B (bi-color 2700-6500K version). During the 2022 NAB Show in Las Vegas, we talked about the powerful new COB lights with Barry Garcia from NANLITE.

NANLITE Forza 720 and 720B. Image credit: CineD

NANLITE Forza 720B

Both the Forza 720B and 720 have an industry-standard Bowens mount to use with a wide variety of available accessories and modifiers. NANLITE actually claims that the lights are rated at 800W power draw, but they can guarantee good light quality and consistent light output at 720W.

Forza 720 and 720B ballast. Image credit: CineD

The lamps can output up to 124.000 lux (Forza 720) and 84.460 lux (Forza 720B) at a 1-meter distance when using the included 45° reflector. Both lights are dimmable from 1 up to 100% of their intensity in precise 0.1 increments. According to NANLITE, the ballasts are redesigned to be as compact as possible with comfortably long cables.

Forza 720B features a function called “Constant light” that makes sure that the light output remains the same for every temperature. The other mode is “Max output” and this one has a maximum light output at every temperature. The lights accept V-Mount batteries at either 14.8V or 26V, but with the lower voltage batteries, the lamps will not reach the maximum output.

NANLITE Forza 720B. Image credit: CineD

Price and availability

Both Forza 720 and Forza 720B lights are available for pre-order right now. NANLITE told us that the lights should start shipping at the end of May 2022. The price has been set to $1649 for the daylight Forza 720 and $1849 for the bi-color Forza 720B. Both fixtures come with a 360° rotatable yoke with an umbrella mount and a quick-release clamp.

Do you have some NANLITE lamps in your lighting kit? What do you think about the new NANLITE Forza 720B and 720? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section underneath the article.

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