Aputure Bi-Color LS 600x Announced Alongside Light Dome 150 Softbox

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Aputure Bi-Color LS 600x Announced Alongside Light Dome 150 Softbox

The high output LED LS 600d line is growing slightly larger with the new bi-color 600x being announced by lighting manufacturer Aputure today. I have already had a chance to take the daylight-only 600d Pro for a spin and the announcement of the LS 600x might mean you’re one step closer to leaving that pile of CTO gels on the truck. The manufacturer has also announced a new Softbox called the Light Dome 150 alongside some interesting pricing news that cuts against the trend these days. Details below:

The battle between HMI technology and high output LED fixtures continues with the addition of the bi-color LS 600x fixture covering a kelvin range between 2700K and 5600K (the LS 300x tops out at 6500K). Aputure promises an output of 18,510+ lux at 3 meters with the F10 Fresnel attachment and an output of 5,610+ lux at 3 meters with the included hyper reflector attachment. The cost of the LS 600x is slated to be $1990.00.

For comparison, Aputure rates the 300x at 3 meters at 5500K landing around 1,700 lux with the hyper reflector attachment. That’s a big jump for the 600x to 5,610+ lux, but we’ll hopefully be able to do our own testing down the road. The 600x also only draws 720W at the top end and can be powered by V-Mount, Gold Mount or Block Batteries with its 48V 3-Pin XLR input.

The 600x with the new Light Dome 150. Image Credit: Aputure

A few other key features of the LS 600x that fall in line with the LS 600d Pro and other LS 300d/x fixtures:

  • Control: 2.4GHz Remote, Sidus Link Bluetooth App, Built-in Wireless DMX, Art-net, Ethernet, 5-Pin DMX512 In & Out
  • 9 Lighting Special Effects Modes Including: Paparazzi, Fireworks, Lightning, Faulty Bulb, TV, Pulsing, Strobe, Explosion & Fire
  • Dual Junior/Baby Pin for Quick Mounting
  • 4 Dimming Curves: Linear, Exponential, Log, S-Curve
  • Lightning Clamp Quick Release
The newly announced Aputure 600x Pro. Image Credit: Aputure

Of course you won’t get the level of output you’d get from the LS 600d Pro with the 600x, but what you’re no doubt gaining here is flexibility with a range of kelvin options and a respectable output to boot.

Light Dome 150:

Image Credit: Aputure

To start, the Light Dome 150 is big: 4.9 ft in width with a 31.5 inch depth. This makes the Light Dome 150 the largest bowens mounted circular softbox I’ve seen from Aputure, but falls close in size to the $199.00 Nanlite Para 150 softbox (the Para 150 doesn’t include the grid accessory in that cost). The Light Dome 150 ships with two types of front diffusion (a 1.5 Stop and 2.5 Stop version) and its $269 price tag also includes the grid.

While this may not be the perfect softbox for fast moving field work (based on the dimensions) it does seem well tailored for the studio and the LS 600d Pro or upcoming LS 600x.

Aputure Pricing Changes:

In a time when many manufacturers are upping their prices to account for global supply change disruptions Aputure has taken the interest tact of actually lowering prices on some of their fixtures. The full list is below:

  • LS 300x Gold & V-Mount moves from $1199 to $999
  • LS 120d II Gold & V-Mount moves from $745 to $545
  • LS 300d II Gold & V-Mount moves from $1099 to $949

That’s welcome news for production folks in these turbulent times.

Are you a LS 600d Pro user? What do you think? Will you be adding the LS 600x to your kit? Let us know in the comments below!

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