New Tilta Matte Box Preview – Guess the New Features and It Will Be Yours

New Tilta Matte Box Preview – Guess the New Features and It Will Be Yours

Tilta is about to launch a new Matte Box, but we don’t know its features yet. However, you can help us find out! In fact, Tilta is giving away this new product to the person who can correctly guess its game-changing features. Let’s see how you can enter this giveaway.

After releasing their popular Mini Pro Matte Box almost two years ago, Tilta is about to launch a new Matte Box soon. But apparently, they like to keep us hanging. All they have released so far is just a teaser video, which doesn’t provide too many details about the new product.

In this teaser, Tilta gives you some hints so you can find out the new features yourself. If you can guess them correctly, then you might be the first person to try out this new Matte Box.

New Tilta Matte Box: what to expect

Advertised by the company as their “most innovative product to date” and a “game-changer“, this new accessory must go far beyond what a regular Matte Box can do. Or at least, that’s what we expect!

Weighing 130g, this new Matte Box has a very compact, lightweight, modular design. The new features might have something to do with circulars filters, since a set of stackable circular filter holders is often displayed throughout the video.

Tilta Circular Filters Holders
The new Tilta Matte Box ad shows multiple circular filter holders. Source: Tilta

Moreover, the new Tilta Matte Box should fit most cameras and lenses setups, but it looks particularly useful when mounting the camera package on steady-cams, gimbals or drones. “Only the sky is the limit”, they say.

Whether the new features regard a new way of stacking filters or making camera movements easier, we don’t know. But we are looking forward to the ideas that you will come up with!

Tilta Tilta Matte Box Ad
The new Tilta Matte Box ad shows a steady-cam operator using the product. Source: Tilta

How to enter the giveaway

Entering the giveaway is easy. All you have to do is writing a comment below the specific post about this topic on Tilta’s Facebook page, Instagram, Tilta Facebook Group, YouTube or dedicated blog post, trying to guess the new features.

You can post as many entries as you want on each platform. There’s only one requirement: you must be 18 or older to enter the giveaway.

A lucky winner will be picked randomly among the correct guesses and it will be announced in September 2021. But hurry up! Many users are already bringing up some very interesting ideas.

Tilta Matte Box Game-changer
The new Tilta Matte Box is advertised as a “game-changer”. Source: Tilta

Price and availability

Even though the full specifications and functionality of this upcoming product are mysterious, there are a couple of things that we know for sure. Pricing for the new Tilta Matte Box will start at $119 and all the details will be fully announced in August 2021. Until then, good luck!

What are your guesses on the features of this new Tilta Matte Box? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!


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