PolarPro BaseCamp Matte Box Updates and New Filters

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PolarPro BaseCamp Matte Box Updates and New Filters

PolarPro introduces a new Third Stage Adapter for its BaseCamp matte box as well as new filters – Bluemorphic and Goldmorphic circular filters, gradient ND filters, diffusion filters, and a combination of VND and diffusion.

Back in November 2019, the US filters and accessories company PolarPro announced a lightweight matte box system called BaseCamp. Now, they are about to release updates to the system with a new Third Stage Adapter for the matte box and a handful of new filters. Let’s take a look at all the news.

PolarPro BaseCamp Matte Box updates

Third Stage Adapter for BaseCamp Matte Box. Source: PolarPro

The update to the BaseCamp matte box includes the new Third Stage Adapter. According to PolarPro, this was added due to numerous customer feedback. The easily attachable expansion filter stage will provide more creative filter combination options.

Circular filters

Flare Circular Filters. Source: PolarPro

PolarPro will release two new circular filters – Bluemorphic (BSE-BL-MRPH) and Goldmorphic (BSE-GLD-MRPH). Both filters feature thin lines on the glass that are designed to provide anamorphic-like flares without using anamorphic lenses. If desired, the streaks can be rotated or kept in a traditional horizontal position. As their names indicate, the Bluemorphic filter creates blue flares and the Goldmorphic gives them a bit of a warmer feel. The filters can, of course, be stacked with other filters, such as Mist (diffusion) for an enhanced creative look.

Gradient ND filters

Additionally, PolarPro has also announced a handful of new filter inserts for the BaseCamp matte box. Firstly, there are new gradient ND filters – ND4-GR filter (BSE-ND4-GR) and ND8-GR filter (BSE-ND8-GR). These are useful for unevenly lit scenes like landscapes, where the upper part of the image usually requires stronger ND. There is one stronger filter with ND8 and one weaker with ND4.

Gradient ND Filters and Diffusion Filters. Source: PolarPro

Diffusion filters

Further new filters are the MIST (BSE-MST) and MIST Heavy (BSE-MST-H). According to PolarPro, these filters are designed to add a dreamy, soft look that rolls off harsh highlights without sacrificing contrast. The “Heavy” version features a stronger diffusion.

Combined VND diffusion filters

Last but not least, PolarPro will release a combination of diffusion and ND in one physical filter insert. There are four filters in this category – VND 2-5 MIST (BSE-MST-VND), VND 6-9 MIST (BSE-MST-VND-6-9), VND 2-5 MIST Heavy (BSE-MST-VND-H), and VND 6-9 MIST Heavy (BSE-MST-VND-6/9-H).

VND Filters with Diffusion. Source: PolarPro

These four filters cover all combinations of two levels of ND strength (2-5 stops or 6-9 stops) and two levels of diffusion (MIST or MIST Heavy). You can, of course, stack these filters to get the look you are after.

Price and availability

The price for these new filters has not been announced yet. We will update the article as soon as we know more.

Link: PolarPro

Do you use the PolarPro BaseCamp system? What do you think about the new Third Stage Adapter or their new filters? Let us know in the comment section underneath the article.


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