Pomfort Silverstack Lab Version 8.8 Released – ProRes RAW Support, and More

Pomfort Silverstack Lab Version 8.8 Released – ProRes RAW Support, and More

Pomfort has released Silverstack Lab 8.8, adding new features like ProRes RAW support, as well as support for the Canon EOS C400 footage, the Blackmagic URSA Cine 12K LF, and more. Let’s take a look at it!

Pomfort is a company based in Germany, specializing in software for film productions. Their products Silverstack and Livegrade, for example, are used in many professional movie productions. Apple, HBO, and Technicolor are some of their clients, and Silverstack Lab has been used in movies like The Watchers, Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning, and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, to name a few. 

Silverstack Lab’s built-in syncing wizard detects and matches corresponding audio and video clips. – Source: Pomfort

Silverstack Lab 8.8

Silverstack Lab is a set-to-post software for mission-critical data management and daily creation tasks for film productions. Used by the camera department, post-production facilities, or in near-set scenarios, its core lies in the clip library, where the media files are registered and their their metadata is collected, structured, and tracked.

The system allows for creating customized dailies, an accurate and up-to-date metadata library, an automated look, an audio match function, etc. Now, with the release of Silverstack Lab 8.8, these are the new features added:

Format Support

  • ProRes RAW: Support for ProRes RAW footage; Allows debayering into different log spaces, including HLG / Rec. 2020, S-Log3 (Cine), and D-Log.
  • Canon EOS C400: Added support for footage from the upcoming camera, including the new XF-AVC S and XF-HEVC S codecs.
  • RED V-Raptor [X]: Support for clips shot with extended highlights.
  • Blackmagic RAW: Added support for Blackmagic URSA Cine 12K LF.

Look and color pipeline:

  • ACES Custom IDT: More flexible pipelines by using CLF files (custom LUT format) for custom input device transforms


  • ASC MHL: Support for ignore patterns and insertion of user contact information in ASC MHL hash manifests
Silverstack Lab use case. Image credit: Pomfort

Price and availability

The Silverstack Lab trial version is available for download here. Pomfort offers different licensing models depending on users’ needs. The yearly subscription costs €1,199, including unlimited access, all the available features, and all the updates and upgrades within the subscription period. Temporary licenses are also a good option for short projects:

  • 14 days for €169. 
  • 1 month for €279.
  • 2 months for €449.

For more information, please visit the Silverstack Lab website here.

What do you think about this new update? Have you ever used Silverstack Lab? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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