Pomfort Livegrade Studio – Multi Camera Productions Made Easier

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Pomfort Livegrade Studio - Multi Camera Productions Made Easier

Pomfort Livegrade Studio is a new software aimed at multi-camera productions. It helps with monitoring, matching, recording, and switching live feeds and it offers a variety of powerful grading tools.

Livegrade Studio. Source: Pomfort

When it comes to useful software for DITs, Pomfort certainly has a lot to offer. Their software products Silverstack and Livegrade are used in virtually every professional movie production. Many feature films, TVs, and commercial productions worldwide are using their products for handling movie projects. We already informed you about the Pomfort Silverstack offload manager, which is a light version of the full Silverstack suite (for Mac only). The company also offers Livegrade Pro which helps film productions control the images on set and simplifies the on-set color workflow and dailies process. Now Pomfort is introducing the Livegrade Studio. What is it?

Pomfort Livegrade Studio

Pomfort Livegrade Studio is aimed at multi-camera productions. It helps with monitoring, matching, recording, and switching live feeds. The software gives users advanced instruments to react quickly to immediate requests and changing situations, and to keep up with fast-paced production environment on set.

Livegrade Studio – Switching sources and destinations. Source: Pomfort

Although Livegrade Studio is a new product aimed at different use, DITs with experience from Livegrade Pro can utilise their knowledge when using Livegrade Studio. The direct router control functionality in Livegrade Studio is designed specifically for fast-paced film production environments. It can switch fast between multiple sources and destinations. The Livegrade studio can also interactively change and map individual video routings, or apply and automate presets of the specific routing configurations.

Livegrade Studio’s recording capabilities are designed for acquiring reference material of the entire production. By configuring multiple HD-SDI capture devices users can simultaneously record multiple video streams in high-quality Apple ProRes codec. Livegrade Studio lets users easily identify the recording status of all cameras at one glance – there are convenient record indicators for all slots. Multiple cameras can be grouped together and set to auto-record triggered by the rec-flag of the HD-SDI signals.

Livegrade Studio – Recording. Source: Pomfort

Livegrade Studio offers powerful grading controls to create any desired look, even in demanding color workflows. The software comes with secondary color correction tools, such as the HHS-Node, as well as advanced, yet fully ASC CDL-compliant grading interaction types, like “Lift, Gamma, Gain”, and “Printer Lights”. Professional video scopes for analyzing and adjusting images, including waveform, vector scope, and histogram for more precise control of the colors are included as well.

Livegrade Studio – Grading. Source: Pomfort

Livegrade Studio supports HDR workflows in various ways – with intelligent HDR / SDR monitoring features, and support for ACES-based or custom HDR color pipelines. The on-set color workflow can even be automated, either with in-application automation, or externally via scripts. Users can operate Livegrade Studio with affordable or DIY MIDI controllers.

There is no information about pricing and availability yet. We will update the article as soon as we get more information.

What do you think of Pomfort Livegrade Studio? Do you have experience with Livegrade Pro? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.

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