Aputure INFINIMAT RGB Light Mats, Sidus Link Pro Upgrades, and amaran Repositioning

At NAB 2024, we stopped by the Aputure/amaran booth to talk with Ted Sim about their latest developments. Ted gave us a first look at their new product – the Aputure INFINIMAT system, and explained what these lighting products bring to the table for filmmakers and content creators. Let’s look at them in more detail.

As we already reported last week, amaran, the line created under the Aputure brand family, has recently announced they will spin off as an individual brand. The company made their official solo debut at NAB 2024. You can read more about their announcement here.

Aputure INFINIMAT – first look

Mat lighting is ideal when you need soft, thin lighting that can be placed close to walls or ceilings, or when you require a large, diffused lighting setup. Earlier this year, we wrote about Aputure’s INFINIMAT (read about it here). These modular, full-color RGBWW LED mats let you control pixel color and multiple lights from one control box. In addition, you can combine them to make them as big as you want, in any direction you want.

Aputure INFINIMAT modular system. Source: Aputure

Ted noted that Aputure resolved a major issue with mat lights: the heaviness of the fabric requires a frame that takes a relatively long time to set up, and then the fabric’s tendency to sag and create hot spots because it is so heavy. Their solution, “inflatable diffusion,” is akin to a rigid airbag that uses a material similar to that in air balloons, forming a self-supporting structure when you inflate it that effectively separates the diffusion from the LEDs, ensuring even, soft lighting without sagging. According to Aputure, it takes about a minute to set the whole thing up. INFINIMAT comes in sizes 1’x2′, 1’x4′, 2’x4′, 4’x4′, 8’x8′, and even a huge 20’x20′. 

A diffused lighting setup using a 20x20ft modular INFINIMAT. Source: Aputure

In addition, when used without diffusion, they are twice as bright as the industry standard, are fully color-tunable, and work in the Aputure ‘eco-system’. Turn them on and they automatically connect with all your other Aputure lights.

Sidus Link Pro upgrades

Until now, the main option has been Bluetooth at base control or CRMX wireless DMX. With these upgrades, the Sidus Link Pro app now has Wi-Fi level stability, instantaneous control for ALL light fixtures (not just Aputure, but all CRMX–enabled lighting fixtures), and enhanced UI and UX.

Aputure’s wireless lighting control app – Sidus Link Pro. Source: Aputure

amaran – an independent brand

I am thrilled to embark on this journey with amaran, a brand committed to pushing boundaries and setting new standards in serving content creators. I look forward to leveraging my experience and collaborating with talented content creators to pioneer innovative and captivating storytelling and product creation, propelling our brand to become the undisputed superpower of content creation.

Aaron Tsai
amaran 300C Source: Aputure

amaran has officially launched as an independent brand led by Aaron Tsai, VP of Marketing and formerly of Meta, Nike, and Google. You can read more about it here.

With the stability and modular possibilities of INFINIMATs, can you imagine using them in your work? Or do you use amaran, and are you excited to now have dedicated tech focused on your needs as a content creator? Let us know in the comments!

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